Mark’s Musings – September 18, 2013

| September 18, 2013
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

It seems that the Indians are not going away quietly. With some wins they are still alive in the one game wildcard playoff spot. And the Indians have the moxy to win one game. We will know in the next few games – but the final series with the Twins looms large on the horizon as the baseball season climaxes.

The Buckeyes remain at number four in the college football standings with a somewhat impressive win over California – at California. Remember that a trip to the west coast takes its toll on players and coaches alike. Cal will win some games with that quick powered offense and with Braxton Miller on the sidelines the Buckeyes look like a top 10 team. Not number one yet, though. I am not sure that the Buckeyes can climb to the number one or two spot to make the BCS unless some teams ahead of them stumble. It is doubtful that Alabama will falter.

Janet Yellen is now the front runner for the top job at the Federal Reserve and the markets shot up on Monday morning following the announcement that Larry Summers dropped out of the race on Sunday. The pundits seem to think that she will continue the Bernanke policies of pumping money into the economy. Gotta keep those money presses rolling – and you thought it came from trees.

It promises to be a great weekend here in Coshocton County with the Wings Over Coshocton Air Show at the airport and the Wingstock concert on Saturday evening at the airport amphitheater. Grab the kids and head on up to the airport this Saturday from some terrific thrills in the air and later that evening some terrific music from local performers. See the details on page three of this week’s Beacon for the amphitheater information and refer to the air show program that was in last week’s Beacon.

And speaking of local events, that little thing that happens every fall is about ready to go – the Coshocton County Fair kicks off on Friday, Sept. 27. The best of Coshocton County, our county fair is hard to top as an event where you can see positive things happen, talk to friends and neighbors, enjoy a lot of delicious food and enjoy the crisp autumn air. Usually a touch of cooler air pops in for a day or so during the fair but typically the weather is enjoyable regardless.

There is not much to say about the Browns at this point. For that one guy that likes the Pirates – they will make the playoffs for sure. (Oh, I did not mean there is only one Pirate fan in our area – I’m sure there are several – but you know who you are). See you Saturday. Unless you’re at a game.

Not much to say about Syria this week – could of course fill the entire Beacon but we are in a waiting game. Watch Russia on this one is my opinion. Putin likes the world stage.

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