Mark’s Musings – September 18, 2019

| September 17, 2019

Mark Fortune

Certainly we are not having Indian summer yet as I believe that is a warm period that tends to come after the first frost or colder weather. And presumably we are still a few weeks from that although I can recall many a fair with frost on the ground in the morning followed by bright, sunny skies throughout the day. And I’m sure that many can recall breaking the ice in the water buckets for the livestock during a fair or two.

The weather really doesn’t get much better than the past several days – maybe it is just a tad warm for September – temperatures in the 70s would be really nice – as that 10 degree range of temperature does not seem to appear much anymore in the spring or the fall. Could we move directly into lower temperatures and skip those nice, 75 degree days altogether this year? Time will tell.

We’re now only a few days away from the start of the 168th annual Coshocton County Fair and all the excitement, fair food and fun that comes with it. Are you ready?

The bakers are preparing their cookies, cakes, breads, pies and all the other sweet treats that help make the Art Hall a great place to visit during the fair. And you can’t eat these treats unless you happen to show up at the auction on Friday evening or Monday evening at the Rotary Pavilion. If you are the lucky bidder you can walk away with a pie, cake, loaf of bread, cookies, muffins or more. Coshocton County is blessed with some terrific bakers and anyone can bid on the prize goodie.

Not far from the Art Hall is the Ag Hall – filled with the wonderful aroma of apples and all that the fall harvest brings – the pumpkins, squash and those outstanding Grange displays. Take your time to enjoy the hard work and the effort that goes into making a nice display for all to enjoy. Maybe you can get the kiddies to sit on the giant squash for a photo – then make your way outside to the antique tractor display – what kid doesn’t enjoy sitting on an old tractor? Treat them gently – these machines have been lovingly restored over the years to their former glory.

Fair food is just about everywhere you look – from the school booster stands to the folks that arrive with the rides. You can have popcorn, French Fries, cotton candy, caramel apples, pizza and much, much more. Most folks have their favorite but each year something new will pop up – just begging you to try it. Typically it is something fried.

The Buckeyes rolled over the Hoosiers in a routine way – and the biggest matchup this week will be the Michigan versus Wisconsin game. We’ll find out a lot more about each team in this game.

With the Pirates and the Reds both bringing up the rear the only question that remains is if the Indians can make the playoffs – after only winning one game out of three against the Twins in what was considered a must win series sweep – the Tribe now needs some help from other teams in addition to winning no less than three quarters of their remaining games. That is a tall order for any team and especially for the injury laden Indians. This could be a year where the cards just didn’t fall the way they needed to and the bats didn’t deliver the runs when they needed to. One thing is for certain, we will know in about 10 days.

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