Mark’s Musings – September 27, 2017

| September 26, 2017

Mark Fortune

It’s Fair Time! That wonderful, fabulous time of the year in Coshocton County. Most youngsters that take a livestock or special project or any combination of those have memories of the fair. Regardless of how many years ago that you entered the show arena (for some reason I want to write the word “ring” but maybe that is a subliminal message from the spouse as her birthday and our anniversary are both on the calendar in October) you have memories that walking through the barns and buildings bring alive once again.

I hope they are good ones and in most cases I would imagine they are. Sure, for most youngsters there are disappointments in the arena, an animal won’t cooperate or the judge just doesn’t see things the way you do on this particular year. Or maybe your animal got sick just before the year. That happens. So despite your best efforts and those around you it wasn’t in the cards to place high. But you did it.

Then on Thursday evening you head to the auction and for some youngsters that is a traumatic experience. Been there. For most it gets easier, for others it may not.

Each year a new crop of youth bring projects to the fair and another group walks out the gate for the final time as an exhibitor in a 4-H club or FFA chapter. That often brings a flood of memories and for some, a flood of tears. That’s okay too. That final time showing or exhibiting at the fair is almost a rite of passage in our community for many of our youth.

Let’s not forget about the Art Hall or the grange exhibits or the antique tractors on display. The Coshocton County Fair has some of the best displays in the state when it comes to the grange hall.

You also have the opportunity to talk to many local businesses and organizations in the commercial buildings and be sure to visit the new Little Farmers Zone in the small commercial building. Good stuff!

On Friday evening you can attend the baked goods auction at the Rotary Pavilion and help support our local bakers and the Art Hall. Maybe you can outbid “Big Onion” or Tom “Canal Boat” Roahrig and walk away (paying first of course!) with the best of show!

On Monday evening you can once again satisfy your sweet tooth at the pie and cake auction and bid for a best of show or first place on any of the wonderful pies and cakes baked by our expert bakers in Coshocton County. They are all delicious!

Put the kids on the rides and grab some great photos and memories while you’re there. Grab a bite to eat at your favorite school eat stand. A lot of volunteers – adults and youth – staff the school food stands and the monies raised all goes to a good cause. Let’s help ‘em out!

You might enjoy one of the shows at the grandstand or the tractor pulls. And be sure to check out the newly renovated grandstand. Harness racing your thing? The fair has that too. In fact, it has just about everything that you might want for a very reasonable fee.

It’s a real fair so let’s go to the 166th annual Coshocton County Fair Friday, Sept. 29th through Thursday, Oct. 5th!

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