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Mark’s Musings – September 28, 2016

| September 27, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

I have a vision. As the too much discussed Presidential debate draws ever so nearer – that will be tonight as I write this column on Monday – I can visualize civility and downright old fashioned charm and manners coming into play. In fact, in my vision Mrs. Clinton has a dozen red roses (or maybe yellow) brought to her by Mr. Trump. Mrs. Clinton, not to be outdone on the national stage –promptly whips out a bowl of cherry vanilla ice cream for Mr. Trump. (I looked it up – he likes it) The two candidates for our highest office laugh and make small talk as they share a piece of dessert at a small table bedecked with the fresh bouquet of flowers. Then it’s down to business. Obviously the debate will be history when you read this column so my bet is that the flowers and ice cream did not happen. Just a bet.

Did you know that the U.S. is developing a new long range strike bomber? The official designation is the B-21 and will be built by Northrop Grumman and the Air Force plans to field the new bomber in the mid 2020s. Several ranking Congressional folks plan to block the new warplane. The cost is estimated to be $550 million each but that does not include the development costs (estimated to exceed $20 billion) and is in 2010 dollars. The United States Air Force plans to purchase 80 to 100 of the bomber birds (now less) and has requested that Airmen help name the beast. How about this right here? The Beastly Over Budget Bomber. Senator John McCain has vowed to get inside the numbers to determine the true cost of the bomber program as it was bid as a “cost-plus” program.

The Buckeyes are number two, it looks like that team up north and that team to the west with the “W” are the ones to beat this season to have a shot at the top four come January. The Indians should have wrapped up the Central Division by the time you read this unless they get thumped again – and again. The playoffs in the American League are up for grabs with the Cubs holding the magic card in the National League.

That brings us to the 165th annual Coshocton County Fair! My favorite time of year – certainly my favorite time of the year for food – is almost here. I can smell the food now – really, I can because I am standing in the middle of the fairway recalling all of the tastes and smells from memory. Not really – I just thought you might like that.

As we have done for the past several county fairs, the Beacon booth will feature a slide show of some of our favorite photos from the past 12 months. Be sure to stop by and give us a “howdy” or a “how you doin” when you can catch us. Our news team will be walking the grounds, attending events and capturing some of the many highlights of this edition of the greatest county fair in Ohio.

Speaking of our fair booth, we will have plenty of requestor cards available to sign up and receive – or renew – your Beacon. Your request is effective for three years and we make every effort to mail you a renewal card in plenty of time to ensure that your Beacon keeps on coming. See you at the fair!

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