Mark’s Musings – September 7, 2016

| September 7, 2016
Mark Fortune

Mark Fortune

This Sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 tragedy. A date that many say changed not only our nation, but the world in which we live. As you reflect on the date of 9-11-01 and the lives lost and the lives lost since that date in the war on terror–let alone the thousands of families that continue to suffer from the memories and the horror of that day-our nation had a feeling of togetherness and sense of community that we all felt after that terrible day in September–weather wise a day not much different than this past weekend with bright blue skies, puffy white clouds and that brightness of sunshine that only happens in September.

And then came the quiet. Remember? No planes that crossed the skies leaving their telltale wisp to follow. And where are we today? Certainly not a country that is together – in fact, some might say that we are farther apart than ever before in our politics, our beliefs and even the values that we hold dear.

Fifteen years is not really that long in the span of time but for those that remember with the clarity that is brought forth by recalling the tragedy and the days and weeks that followed 9-11-01 it may seem like less. Or it may seem like decades have passed. Much has happened in that 15 year span of time.

Presidents have come and gone, elections have been held, arguments have been heard, wars have been fought and won, countries and leaders have fallen yet our nation seems torn apart by violence against officers of the law and pro football players take a stand against oppression by refusing to acknowledge our National Anthem.

That right to the expression of speech is found in the First Amendment to the Constitution and was adopted on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights earned by the blood of the fallen. Another example of our democracy and a testament to the greatest nation on earth created by a group of men that-for the most part-lost everything for their devotion to the cause.

It is often like that in history. Those that give the most sometimes give up the most. May they rest peacefully knowing that they gave their all for the grateful-and also for the ungrateful. But their sacrifice is not in vain. Far from it. For while our nation may be undergoing some challenges right now, we must remain confident and vigilant that the U. S. of A. will always rise to meet any challenge and any challengers head on. That seems to be the fabric that is woven into the tapestry of Americans.

We have sometimes been down-but not out. It seems that when others have written us off we rise to the challenge with an even greater ferocity and our patriotism shines forth like the noonday sun.

It is why when other nations have underestimated our resolve we have pushed them back into the corner with their tail between their legs.

Never, ever think that America is down for the count because of what you may see on the news channels or your social media feed. We are much more than our politics and our petty differences. The rest of the world just doesn’t get that it is the people that make up the U.S. of A. Remove the periods from the “U” and the “S” and you get it. US.

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