Mayor Davis delivers Warsaw State of the Village address

| January 23, 2015

WARSAW – The state of the Village of Warsaw is good!

I make this statement based upon the positive reports from the different areas of the Village. Areas such as the operation of the Water and Sewer Departments, the Street Department and the overall administration of the local government of the Village. These areas of the village have had their needs throughout the year, but overall have operated very well.

I can also make this statement, “the state of the Village of Warsaw is good” due to the positive remarks and attitudes of most of the residents. The growth of businesses was also encouraging in 2014.

The “state of the Village is good” because of the persons on council, who sits in these positions, because they care for the Village and want what’s best for its future.

Of course, “the state of the Village of Warsaw”, as for any government entity is judged by many upon its financial status. I am happy to say once again that we finish in the black, the positive. This is due to a financially-minded council, a very knowledgeable Village Administrator, an experienced and dedicated fiscal officer, and committees and board who give of their time and talents as volunteers. The renewal of two levies was also a positive for the financial status and to the voters I say thanks for your support.

There is also another reason the Village of Warsaw is in good state financially. We have a report of in-house savings. I requested a year or so ago we keep track of the monies saved by performing labor in-house (by our own employees). I have data which reveals that Ed Robinette and Bob Wagner, along with others, saved the Village of Warsaw over $35,000 in 2014. To all of our employees who contribute to these savings, I am so grateful. On behalf of the council I thank you!

The year, 2014, did have its challenges! We began January in search of a fiscal officer. We are so grateful to the willingness of one time village clerk and village contributor Mike Baker. Mike filled in and handled the responsibilities of the fiscal officer until the council was able to hire a new person. In March of 2014 Tammy Pope accepted the position and brought years of experience to the job of fiscal officer of the Village. To her we are so thankful and appreciate her commitment and dedication.

The state of the Village of Warsaw is good, based upon such things as the receiving of a Community Development Block Grant for $300,000. This Neighborhood Revitalization Grant came about through the suggestions and input of residents at public meetings held by Whitaker Wright of Community Development Consultants of Ohio. Of course, this grant would not have been possible without the County Commissioners.

We thank them for selecting Warsaw for this Block Grant.

We also thank the Coshocton County Commissioners for their work and cooperation in bringing this grant money a reality. We now begin to work toward these monies bringing improvements to the Village. I thank the residents and volunteers groups who will be working to accomplish the goals from this grant.

In 2014 a very unique situation took place; it was the unity of the working together of the County EMS, County Commissioners and the Village of Warsaw. This is something which doesn’t always happen between government entities, but it is taking place here in Coshocton County.

Thanks to nearly two years of ongoing discussions and evaluations between our Village Administrator Ed Robinette and the Coshocton County E.M.S. we have reached an agreement with the County Commissioners and will have a new council room and offices constructed in 2015. This is a very positive situation for the residents of the Village and added asset to the community. Of course this means the EMS remains in the Village and I am excited to see how this develops over the next few months.

We did have one change which left us with mixed emotions; that of the retirement of Rick Cullison. Rick had served as the Village Sexton at the Valley View Cemetery for over 35 years. His knowledge, dedication and ability to serve the people was more than most every knew. We miss him but are happy he can enjoy his retirement. We now have two sextons who carry on with the work.

The “State of the Village of Warsaw” is good because of the people who have made the River View Park, the Recreation Board, cemetery and community events successful. From the Memorial Day Parade and Roland Darr Tournament & BBQ; to the Fall Parktober Fest and finally, the Annual Christmas Candle lighting Service, were successful!

2015 Goals

There are some goals I have in mind for 2015.

To help make the Community Development Block Grant monies become actual improvements for the Village and residents of the community. That the EMS & Village building becomes a reality. This will not only be an asset for years to come, but also an improvement cosmetically for the Village.

Of course, I always desire to see the current businesses prosper and grow. It’s also a goal to bring in new businesses that will keep Warsaw moving forward.

In closing I want to challenge the council, the employees, business owners, organizations and every resident to work together in unity; putting forth our best effort to make the Village of Warsaw a better place to live.

Thank you and may the blessings of Almighty God be upon each of you and the Village of Warsaw.

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