Meet Carlye Shaw – Leadership Coshocton County Class of 2021

| February 23, 2021

Carlye Shaw

Carlye Shaw grew up in Coshocton, where she attended Washington Elementary and Coshocton High School. Her parents have spent the majority of their lives in Coshocton as well: her mother a retired pharmacist and her father a retired educator.

In high school Shaw played volleyball and softball and enjoyed Show Choir and the Art Club.
Following high school, Shaw attended the Ohio State University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Education. After graduation she worked in Columbus, but it was just not the right fit for her. She used her evenings and weekends and worked to obtain her master’s in education, k-3, with a reading endorsement from Mount Vernon Nazarene University.
Shaw then returned to Coshocton, began substitute teaching at Central Elementary and was hired full-time by Coshocton City Schools. She has been with Coshocton Elementary for nine years. She currently works as a fourth-grade English/language arts (ELA) teacher.
In ELA students learn the mechanics of English, reading and writing. Students also work on collaborations on the computer, working toward becoming 21st-century learners.
Shaw also provides brain breaks — mindfulness activities such as breathing or stretching exercises. In her classroom students are taught about relationships and the social aspect of life, “teaching kindness.”
Due to COVID, routines change, so Shaw tries to teach love first. “Build relationships, and then it’s a lot easier to learn,” she said.
Shaw sees a connection between leadership and education and thinks her approach to education helps the students feel more confident. She feels like she has “hundreds of kids,” knowing many people in Coshocton and watching their kids grow up.
Shaw serves on the Pomerene Center for the Arts Board, and she referred to Coshocton as an artistic town. “There are lots of talented people here,” she said.
Shaw also has been a member of the Coshocton Community Choir and pointed out the “talented” people as one such example. She is interested in many different art mediums and has spent the last few years learning and creating stained-glass art. She has a deep love for creating, has experience with airbrushing, and loves acrylic and watercolor painting and sculpture. She’s always ready to conquer the next crafting challenge.
When asked about her decision to join Leadership Coshocton, Shaw said, “Leadership, for me, is enjoying the connections — meeting people I haven’t met before. If you’re not aware of options, of opportunities, it helps you to think bigger. You have to know what you can do before you can do it.”
Fellow Coshocton Elementary teacher Angela Locke was a member of the Class of 2020 and would come back following each Program Day and share what she learned. Shaw wanted to go with her. As someone who grew up here, Shaw was surprised at all the things Angela was learning and what she didn’t know.
“Finding things out I didn’t know is exciting. Once we can get everyone going in the same direction, we can be an awesome force,” Shaw said.
Shaw said even with COVID restrictions it’s still been very informative, and she enjoys the self-reflection part of leadership. “It helps me to learn how to deal with others,” she said.
Knowing that being a good leader means being a good educator, Shaw recognizes the importance of modeling the behavior she desires out of her students. “I’m proud of Coshocton and want to be the best that I can be. Co-workers gave Leadership Coshocton such high praise. I wanted to experience what they did,” she said.
When asked her view of the community, Shaw had one word, “family.”
“I am proud of everything we have going on and in the works. Things are improving and constantly moving up. I love Coshocton,” Shaw said.
To make the county stronger, Shaw said, “Pulling together the different forces we have would accomplish a lot more, get the community involved. It is important to have ownership and pride in the town, to know the options we have and move forward with positive changes.”
Not only would Shaw recommend Leadership Coshocton for others, but also she thinks it should be required. She’s met others she otherwise would not have and learned different aspects of the town. She said it would help everybody, and it’s fun.
“We have a great time when we’re together,” Shaw said.
Shaw’s biggest take-away so far is building relationships through life and love. “I like to see the youth. I like all aspects of it,” she said.

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