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Meet Jodi Shrimplin – LCC Class of 2021

| December 8, 2020
Jodi Shrimplin is a Coshocton County native with both sides of her family from Coshocton. This 2002 River View graduate was in National Honor Society, the Gifted & Talented Program, Letterman’s Club and attended the Ohio State University her senior year. She continued her education there and earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Sociology with a minor in philosophy.
Shrimplin and her husband Trey were living in Columbus when she began to explore a combined master’s/PhD program at the University of Wisconsin. She became pregnant with their first child, Connor. They couldn’t see raising a family in Columbus and wanted to be near family with the ability to have land/opportunities available in Coshocton.
Shrimplin was a stay-at-home mom until her kids were old enough for her mom to watch them. During that time she began making her own baby food and lotions and became a Norwex consultant, promoting chemical-free living, something she is passionate about. She also is a substitute teacher for River View Schools, works for the Coshocton County Board of Elections and is the head gardener/education coordinator for Clary Gardens.
Shrimplin said, “Jobs in Coshocton have allowed me the flexibility to be a stay-at-home mom.”
Shrimplin is the founder of the River View Community Clothing Drive, a project she started in 2014 when she saw there was an unmet need. She also mentors River View senior projects, is a member of the Coshocton County Herb Society and assists with set-up in the Agricultural Hall of the Coshocton County Fair. She is a member of the Clary Gardens Fundraising Committee and a former board member for the Pomerene Center for the Arts and the Coshocton Farmers’ Market Board.
Shrimplin had wanted to go through Leadership Coshocton for a long time and was excited when Jandi Adams, Clary Gardens executive director, gave her the application. She has always been a leader and was part of a talented and gifted group in high school but wanted to learn about leadership as an adult. She hopes to become more effective in the community, be an advocate for things she is passionate about, and increase her comfort level and communication skills with other adults.
Like many, Shrimplin’s view of the community has evolved over the years. When she was younger, she wanted to get out, but as she got older, she said she learned to appreciate the tightness of the community and has been inspired by the rehabilitation and people trying to be positive about the community. She wants local people to be proud of where they’re from. She’s proud of the accomplishments at Clary Gardens and likes being part of the rebirth of Coshocton.
To make the county stronger, Shrimplin wants to find ways to keep youth here. She’s not sure what that is but stresses the need to find it.
“Find things that make kids want to stay here — not just jobs, something that is mentally engaging,” Shrimplin said.
Shrimplin referenced her own graduating class. She said it is spread out all over the country doing great things. “Why can’t they do these things here?” she said.
Shrimplin would recommend Leadership Coshocton to others as an opportunity to learn about the community. “Anyone that lives here should participate,” she said. “It’s important to know what’s going on; you can’t make changes if you don’t know what or how to change.”

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