Meet Stephen Bordenkircher, Leadership Coshocton County Class of 2019

| December 6, 2018

WEST LAFAYETTE – Stephen Bordenkircher is a Coshocton native, an alumnus of Sacred Heart School and Coshocton High School, Class of 1972. His original plans following graduation were to attend Franklin University; however Uncle Sam had other ideas for his future.  Upon receiving his draft physical notice, he promptly enlisted in the United States Air Force, and proudly served his country until 1977. During this time, his “MOS” was in crash rescue, and he participated in the evacuation of Saigon in 1975. He was stationed in the Philippines for 18 months then returned to serve out his time in Grand Forks, ND. It was during this time in the US Air Force that Bordenkircher began to work on his degree in business management, completing it in 1987 through an independent study program offered by the Center for Degree Studies Marysworth College in Scranton, PA.

He returned to Coshocton where he was hired by Clow (McWane Ductile), working first in the shop and making his way up in management where he worked in human resources and safety for 12 years. Following this position, Bordenkircher accepted a position in Columbus with Cantlon Associates, where he worked as a third party administrator as an account executive working with worker’s compensation and unemployment claims. He again returned to Coshocton where he worked at Pretty Products in labor relations. During this time he was a single parent raising two boys, and Cantlon Associates offered him a position that would allow him to work from home, and not uproot his family. He became the vice-president of national accounts, covering the east-central United States. He worked for Cantlon until they were purchased by Spooner, Incorporated. By this time, his family had doubled in size, marrying Gwen and after a year, resigned to do consulting work. They formed “General Recovery, Inc.” which was purchased by East Coast Risk Management in 2011.

Bordenkircher is the Senior Vice-President of the Third Party Administration Division for East Coast Risk Management, a regional company with nine offices in five states and an office locally in West Lafayette. There are 52 employees within the company many who work remotely, utilizing technology to remain connected. Bordenkircher manages worker’s compensation claims for clients in five states, and unemployment claims for clients in ten states. In his lifetime, he has represented clients in over 6,000 hearings, specializing in in the energy sector. Additionally, Bordenkircher is the mayor of the Village of West Lafayette, after serving on Council for 13 years.

In his spare time, he enjoys videography and plans to do more in the future. Bordenkircher doesn’t plan to “retire” at 65! He currently is a Grand Knight/Fourth Degree member of the Knights of Columbus in Coshocton. He is also proud of his history as a Cub Master and Boy Scout Leader that “took five boys to Eagle Scout rank.”

Bordenkircher decided to participate in Leadership Coshocton because “leadership is important” and he doesn’t like “cookie cutter” leadership.

“I’ve had a lot of roles but something was missing,” Stephen said, “The more I can learn, the better off I’ll be.”

Of the community, Stephen said, “I was born and raised in Coshocton and lived in West Lafayette for 40 years. Coshocton County is home. There’s something special here and I feel comfortable. I really like living in small town America. Everybody knows you and everybody chips in.  I’ve felt safe here and want to see it grow.”

Like others, Stephen thinks the people of the community can make it stronger; people can make or break a community and together we can accomplish anything.

He would “absolutely” recommend Leadership Coshocton for others, saying, “I really believe you have to be objective, unbiased, and encouraging to lead people,” and that Leadership Coshocton provides a “wonderful platform and catalyst to get people started.”  He would have loved to have had this 25-30 years ago as there is a “tremendous education to be had.”

Stephen closes by saying, “I’ve had a very rich, very full life. I appreciate the program and appreciate the Coshocton Foundation for making it happen. I appreciate the other participations who make it educational and are fun to be with. I enjoy the young people who are there and feel there’s hope for the future having them step into leadership roles” in the community.

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