Mission builds home for at-risk children

| August 12, 2014

UntitledCoshocton Christian Tabernacle joined forces with the Santiago Partnership and sent a team of 35 people to Cayambe, Ecuador to start the building process of a home for at-risk children. They were there for 11 days digging footer holes by hand, making rebar squares and then making rebar cages, and pouring the footers with wheelbarrows full of cement that were hauled down the hill. They also built a tool shed out of concrete blocks and a corrugated cement roof. In total, the group poured 28 double cement footers and the first half of the 28 column bases, and backfilled around the column bases that were poured. What a great start for the home! The team also spent three days doing children’s ministries in Lote Cuatro, a remote area in the mountains that is both beautiful and cold! It was hard, dirty work, but they all finished with hearts full of joy and blessings being measure! To watch their progress in Ecuador, to see their medical clinic, and to see how you can join with them, go to SantiagoPartnership.org.

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