Novel Coronavirus outbreak being monitored

| January 30, 2020
The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are closely monitoring an outbreak of respiratory illness caused by a novel coronavirus (termed “2019-nCoV”) first identified in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, China in December 2019 and which continues to expand.
Public health officials have described the immediate health risk to the U.S. as low. The Coshocton County Health Department and the Coshocton Regional Medical Center continue to work closely with the Ohio Department of Health to monitor the novel (new) coronavirus that has emerged from Wuhan, China, over the past few weeks.
Local health department staff, local health providers, and the Ohio Department of Health are taking every precaution to keep the community safe.
The same precautions that protect against catching and spreading the flu are likely to be helpful for this respiratory virus: Wash your hands regularly, avoid touching your nose and eyes, cover your mouth when you cough and sneeze and don’t go to work if ill.
Unless you have recently traveled from China or have been around someone ill with this new virus, your risk of getting sick is low.
If you have traveled from China and are, experiencing signs and symptoms contact your doctor, emergency room, or urgent care clinic before seeking care, to prevent further spread of infection. They will give you instructions.
This is a rapidly evolving situation and information will be updated as it becomes available. Guidance on the virus is available on the Center for Disease Control website,
What you need to know
There are no confirmed cases of Novel Coronavirus in Ohio currently. This is an evolving situation; the CDC website is the best source of up to the minute information. While CDC considers this a serious public health concern, based on current location, the immediate health risk to the general American public is considered low at this time
What are the signs and symptoms of the Coronavirus?
Symptoms are similar to other respiratory viruses. If you have these symptoms, it does not necessarily mean you have this new virus. Unless you have recently traveled to Wuhan, China or have been around someone ill with this new virus, your risk of getting sick is near zero. Symptoms include: Fever (may not always
be present), coughing, and shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. Other early symptoms include: Chills, body aches, sore throat, headache, diarrhea, nausea/vomiting, and runny nose.
What you can do
If you have not traveled to China or have not been in contact with a person known or suspected to have the illness, there is no reason to be concerned at this time.
If you have traveled recently to Wuhan, China, had close contact with someone who has been confirmed with, or is being evaluated for the Coronavirus, you should: Monitor your health for 14 days, from the day you first traveled or had close contact with someone ill with this new Coronavirus. Watch for signs and symptoms listed above. Call your doctor, urgent care or hospital before going. They will give you instructions. If you have symptoms, stay away from other people until you receive instructions.
How can I protect myself from Coronavirus and other viruses?
Wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds frequently. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer. Avoid contact with sick people and stay home if you are sick.

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