Nutrition survival tips for the holidays

| November 7, 2019

COSHOCTON – Anyone who’s been on social media lately has probably been introduced to the term Happy HalloThanksMas. It is officially a thing now in the form of memes, t-shirts, etc.  HalloThanksMas is the special time of year when back-to-back holidays are in full swing. Not only will you see jack-o-lanterns, turkeys, and Christmas trees for sale at your neighborhood box store, you’ll also see clearance Halloween candy, pumpkin pies/rolls/cookies, and candy canes at the same time as well. For someone on a weight loss journey or just genuinely trying to live a healthier lifestyle, going to the store can be a nightmare. So how can one survive the HalloThanksMas season?

Here are some survival tips:

1.) Eat before you go to the grocery store. Going to a grocery store hungry is just begging for trouble. When you’re hungry, appetite will overshadow mental reasoning every time.

2.) Make a list and stick to it. Plan before you shop. Think about meal planning and include healthful options.

3.) Be realistic and include once-in-a-while foods on your shopping list. There are no bad foods.  There are just certain foods that should be eaten in moderation because they taste good but don’t offer much in nourishing our bodies. Try to pick a treat that you like but in a smaller package. This addresses cravings without completely falling off the wagon.

4.) Last but not least, enlist an accountability partner. While it may be tempting to pick your spouse or significant other, that can put a strain on the relationship. Try picking someone outside of the home. Seeking out someone with a proven success story is a good way to go. While making healthy lifestyle changes can be beneficial to do as a group, having someone outside of your normal circle who’s been there and succeeded already, can really set you up for success by helping you be objective on your journey. Think of a neighbor, coworker, or someone from your church or hobby group. This will help you stay on task and/or recover when inevitably, you have a bad day.

Cindy Hilbish, RDN, LOD, CLC, is a dietitian at the Coshocton County Health Department.

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