Ohio Agriculture Department recognizes 114 historic farms in 2015

| January 5, 2016

REYNOLDSBURG – In 2015, the Ohio Department of Agriculture recognized 114 new century or bicentennial farms owned by the same family for at least 100 or 200 consecutive years. There are now more than 1,200 farms registered across the state in the Ohio’s Historic Family Farms program.

Each family received a certificate signed by Governor John R. Kasich and Ohio Department of Agriculture Director David T. Daniels to keep with their historic documents and pass down to future generations.

“I’m glad to help bring some well-deserved recognition to these families,” said Daniels. “Their ancestors’ determination and tenacity are the foundation of our modern-day farms, and the families proudly continue their farming heritage. Together they have helped food and agriculture grow into the state’s top industry.”

Ohio’s Historic Family Farms is a voluntary program administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The department has recognized families who have owned their farms for at least 100 years since 1993. In 2013, the department began officially recognizing bicentennial farms in acknowledgment of the growing number of farms reaching their 200-year anniversary of same-family ownership.

The following farms and families are a registered historic farm from Coshocton County. They are listed by year the farm was established: James and Wendy Schumaker of Schumaker Farms established in 1811, Herald Steven Mizer of Walnut Hill Farm established in 1816, Raymond Pew of Pew Trust established in 1818, John Lowe of Lowe Farm established in 1821, Gail Williamson’s farm established in 1823, Dale and Mary Hamilton of Hamilton Trusts established in 1828, Kirk Scheurman’s farm established in 1831, Craig Powell’s farm established in 1832, Mark Utley of Tracy Renfew Trust established in 1832, Adrian Garber of Garber Family Farms LLC established in 1840, Daniel and Marilyn Hothem of Hothem Homestead Farm LLC established in 1871, Alice Moore’s farm established in 1881, Boyd Family Farm established in 1890, and George Eberwine’s farm established in 1907.

A complete list of Ohio’s bicentennial and century farms is available at www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/cent_farms/.

Anyone who can verify that a currently owned farm has remained in their family for at least 100 years may register. For more information, visit www.agri.ohio.gov/divs/cent_farms/, or contact Cindy Shy in the Office of Communication at 614-752-9817 or [email protected].

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