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OSU players coach Future Stars Football Camp

| January 23, 2023

OSU Buckeyes Offensive Guard Quinton Burke coaches players at the Future Stars Football Camp held on Jan. 21 at Kids America. About 75 young men in grades second through 11th learned the fundamentals of football from current and former OSU players. (Jen Jones)

Local football stars, Zach and Bryce Prater, were among the current and former Ohio State Buckeyes who coached at the Future Stars of Football Camp held Jan. 21 at Kids America. About 75 campers, grades two through 11, were thrilled to be part of the camp and be able to meet a few of the players they look up to.

Andy Drabik, organizer of the event, said he was coaching high school football and trying to think of ways to get younger people more involved when he realized he had connections with OSU players.  “We started doing camps to get kids started younger – to teach them fundamentals and to help them form friendships, especially outside of their own schools. They may be playing with or against these other kids in high school or college, so we want to start developing that bond young.”

Drabik said all positions are coached during the camp. The group is split into four smaller groups and are then coached by OSU players for each position. “It helps a lot to bring Buckeyes players to the camps. The kids love to learn from players they look up to.”

Zach Prater said he wanted to help with the camp because going to a camp like this was something he wanted to do when he was growing up. “I wish I had gone. This is starting kids young so they learn basics and to be safe. Football has done everything for me – it’s taught me discipline, to be responsible and to be a good person.”

Bryce Prater said he thought it would be interesting to teach little kids what he wished he had known before he started playing football. “All the little things they need to know that I had never thought about. Football changed my life. It’s kept me on a positive path, keeps me busy and had definitely taught me about discipline.”

Cameron Kittle said, “I just know when I was this age, having people that I looked up to help me was awesome to me and I wanted to give the same thing back. Football teaches you that the game is really not about you – it’s about needing to work together to accomplish anything. I’ve made friends for life and it’s taught me to be a better man. And it’s given me skills I can use in all parts of my life.”

Former safety Anthony Gwinn said he has always tried to give back to communities. “I went to a camp several OSU players did when I was a kid and I always wanted to do something similar.  I started a foundation with Terry Glenn called Glenn/Gwinn Foundation that does camps for kids. I hope to teach these kids techniques to take back to their games. To teach them it’s not about win or lose. To guide them in the fundamentals that will bring more safety to the game.”

Mike Young was a wide receiver for the Buckeyes from 1999 – 2004. “Football teaches you life lessons. There will always be challenges and you have to be ready and take advantage of opportunities when you can. It’s hard work, both physical and mental. And it’s about learning to be around other people and working toward a common goal.” Young said he has helped with other camps. “It’s good to show the kids that even though I’m older, I still get the itch and excitement for the game. It’s my way to give back.”

Offensive guard Quinton Burke said football definitely opened doors for him. “I’ve met so many people and made friendships that will last forever. Things like going to bowl games are once-in-a-lifetime things that I would have never gotten to do. I’ve learned to trust the process, perseverance, and that my overall attitude matters a lot. I haven’t been able to do a camp before because of COVID and this is fun. It’s always fun to see kids and it’s good to teach them proper skills that they will need.”

Drabik said another football camp will be held this summer. Anyone interested should check his website (www.fsfacc.com) for future dates and more information about the camps.

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