Packed house for Weekend on the Hill

| September 22, 2014

MILLERSBURG – As the summer comes to an end, the cooler temperatures of fall did not stop the fans or cars from packing Hilltop Speedway for the Sixth annual Weekend on the Hill. With two complete shows on the agenda as well as the First annual Mini Wedge Nationals fans were in for two nights of non-stop racing action.

Rolling onto the track first were the Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks with a field of 19 on Friday and 22 on Saturday. Picking up heat race wins on Friday was Bob Chilcote, Mike Lonas, and Bob Daugherty. While Dave Potts, Kevin Potts, and Bob Daugherty all got heat race wins on Saturday with the b-main going to Brian Simpson.

With the features set, Bob Chilcote brought the field to the start on Friday night. Taking the lead early was Mike Lonas who would be challenged by Bob Daughtery multiple times. However, going for the pass, on the bottom, coming off of two, Daughtery would hit the tire, spinning and bringing out the caution. Mike Lonas would go on to pick up the win. As Saturday’s feature was brought to the green, it was the Potts’ on the front row. Looking for redemption from the night before, Daughtery would take the lead from Potts and go on to pick up the win.

There was a full field of Holmes Tire Lates Models with 29 on Friday and 25 on Saturday for the $2,000 to win make-up. Friday night’s fast qualifier was Devin Moran with a 14.329, while “Fast” Freddie Carpenter picked up fast time Saturday with a 15.822. Heat race winners on Friday were Freddie Carpenter, Bryan Casey, and “The General” George Lee with the dash win going to Devin Moran and Ross Micastri picking up the b-main. Saturday night heat race winners were George Lee, Doug Drown and Vic Hottinger while Freddie Carpenter picked up the dash win and JR Gentry won the b-main.

Coming to the green on Friday night it was Devin Moran who would jump out front regaining his position in victory lane as he is accustom to at the Hill. However, as Saturday’s field approached the start, it was “Fast” Freddie Carpenter who would demonstrate pure dominance over the rest of the field as the make-up $2,000 to win went 35 laps green to checker with Carpenter lapping almost the entire field to pick up the win.

The modified division had a field of 21 on Friday and a field of 23 on Saturday. Setting fast time Friday was “The Hitman” Jess Hartman with a 15.816. Saturday it was Jimmy Smith with a 16.523. Friday night heat race winners were Jimmy Smith, Craig Wolford, dash winner Robin Duston and b-main winner Norm Aronhalt. On Saturday, it was “Stormin” Norman Aronhalt, Doug Drown, “The Outlaw” Jesse Wisecarver, with Robin Duston picking up the dash win and Robin Ours picking up the b-main win.

Bringing the field down the backstretch, it was “Rockin” Robin Duston on the pole for both Friday and Sarturday’s feature events. On Friday, “The Hitman” Jess Hartman would jump out front and battle with “The Outlaw” Jesse Wisecarver for the lead. Nevertheless, Hartman would maintain the lead and go on to pick up the win. During Saturday’s feature, it was Anthony Kinkade who would jump out front. However, challenging and battling on Kinkade’s bumper was Kevin Morehousen looking to take over the lead. With Morehouse unable to capitalize, it was Anthony Kinkade who picked up the feature win.

The modlites also made an appearance this weekend with a five-car field on Friday and a 12-car field on Saturday. Tracy Fritter picked up the heat race win on Friday while also picking up one of the two heats on Saturday, Kevin Morehouse won the second. With the fields set, Friday’s feature win would go to Tracy Fritter. On Saturday, it was Kevin Morehouse who would claim the feature win, ending Fritter’s undefeated streak in appearances at Hilltop.

The Bugs-R-Gone trucks had a 13-car field on Friday and a 12-car field on Saturday. Picking up heat race wins on Friday was Joey Heyder and Rolly Heyder who would also pick up a heat win on Saturday along with Cole Lillibridge. With the fields set and the green out, it was Rolly Heyder who would pick up back to back feature wins on Friday and Saturday nights, ending the season with a winning edge.

The mini stock division had full field of cars with 19 on Friday and 21 on Saturday. Friday night heat race winners were Blaine Markey, Jerry Adkins, and Brad Hensel, while Saturday night heat race winners were Blaine Markey, Kevin Markey and Jason St. John. Sitting on the pole and setting the pace to the green for both features was Blaine Markey. On Friday night it was Jerry Adkins who would jump out to the lead over Markey. However, on the last lap, Gary Hensel Jr. would pass Adkins and take the win. Saturday night proved to be more promising for Markey as he would take the lead as well as the win.

Running a single show on Friday night and making their second appearance for the year, the outlaw mini stocks had an eight-car field. Heat race one went to Jeremy Krouskoupf with heat two going to Kyle Moyer. With the green out for the night’s feature event, it was Kyle Moyer who would jump out front and go on to pick up the win.

On Saturday, Hilltop Speedway hosted the First annual Mini Wedge Nationals with a 20-car field. For the first time ever, the wedges qualified, with Zack Carr picking up fast time. After pulling for inversion, it was determined that the top 12 qualifiers would be inverted for the start of the heats. The winners of each of the three heat races were Zack Carr, Jacob Ice, and Braxton Wilson. Picking up the b-main win was Levi Bowen with the provisional going to Jamie Bright. After a rough start of the 20-lap feature, it was Zack Carr who would take the lead and never look back picking up the inaugural win.

Hilltop Speedway Results

Weekend on the Hill

Sept. 12, 2014

Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks

Heat B. Chilcote, M. Caskey, AJ Cannon, C. O’Del, R. Grogg, B. Gertz, R. Mast

Heat M. Lonas, T. Swim, G. Hensel Jr., D. Potts, Q. Lewis, D. Rutt, T. Workman

Heat B. Daugherty, B. Butcher, T. Krouskoupf, C. Dawson, J. Preston, K. Potts

Feature Mike Lonas, Bob Chilcote, AJ Cannon, Todd Swim, Gary Hensel Jr., Dave Potts, Mitch Caskey, Bob Daugherty, Quinten Lewis, Terry Krouskoupf, Don Rutt, Richard Grogg, Charlie Dawson, Dave Potts, Kevin Potts, Chaz O’Del, Tim Workman, Butch Butcher, Jon Preston, Royal Mast

Holmes Tire Late Models

Fast Qualifier Devin Moran 14.329

Heat F. Carpenter, T. Myers, R. Mardis, M. Bores, M. Hutchinson, J. Skelly, D. Snyder, S. Sabo

Heat B. Casey, B. Malcuit, S. Prince, R. Micastri, V. Hottinger, TJ Watson, B. Perking, D. Giauque

Heat G. Lee, L. Bellman, M. Irey, V. Mardis, J. Patterson, D. Conley, K. Tish

Dash D. Moran, C. Duncan, R. Markham, R. Bond, D. Drown, JR Gentry

B-Main R. Micastri, M. Bores, V. Hottinger, V. Mardis, TJ Watson, S. Sabo, B. Perking, M. Hutchinson, D. Giauque, D. Conley

Feature Devin Moran, Charlie Duncan, Ryan Markham, Doug Drown, George Lee, JR Gentry, Bryan Casey, Brad Malcuit, Matt Irey, Freddie Carpenter, Rick Mardis, Ty Myers, Ross Micastri, Steve Prince, Rick Bond, Larry Bellman, Vic Hottinger, Mike Bores


Heat  T. Fritter, K. Morehouse, N. Crider, K. Morehouse, W. Kintz

Feature Tracy Fritter, Nick Crider, Kevin Morehouse, Kyle Morehouse, Wayne Kintz


Fast Qualifier Jess Hartman 15.816

Heat J. Smith, D. Benjamin, G. Lee, D. Hubbard, N. Aronhalt, B. Bradley, G. Zimmer, N. Loney

Heat C. Wolford, K. Morehouse, R. Harris, K. Brown, R. Ours, R. Bauknecht, D. Hubbard Jr.

Dash R. Duston, J. Hartman, A. Kinkade, J. Wisecarver, D. Drown, R. Reed

B-Main N. Aronhalt, R. Bauknecht, N. Loney, R. Ours, B. Bradley, G. Zimmer, D. Hubbard Jr.

Feature Jess Hartman, Jesse Wisecarver, Jimmy Smith, Anthony Kinkade, George Lee, Doug Drown, Kevin Morehouse, Nathon Loney, Norm Aronhalt, Denny Benjamin, Craig Wolford, Randy Harris, Rory Reed, Robin Duston, Darrick Hubbard, Randy Bauknecht, Robin Ours, Kyle Brown

Mini Stocks

Heat B. Markey, G. Hensel Jr., D. Rufener III, C. Beatty, S. St. John, D. Camp, T. Archer

Heat J. Adkins, T. Parsons, J. Maki, S. Crowe, M. Miller, N. Martin

Heat B. Hensel, K. Markey, J. St. John, T. Schonauer, C. St. John, B. Tomblin

Feature Gary Hensel Jr., Jerry Adkins, Blain Markey, Brad Hensel, Jason St. John, Kevin Markey, Don Rufener III, Tyler Parsons, Colton St. John, John Maki, Chase Beatty, Dustin Camp, Trae Schonauer, Ted Archer, Matt Miller, Brian Tomblin, Stephen Crowe, Nova Martin

Outlaw Mini Stocks

Heat J. Krouskoupf, D. Rufener Jr., T. Mullinex DNS- 7R

Heat K. Moyer, D. Daugherty, D. Rufener III., B. Mellor

Feature Kyle Moyer, Don Rufener Jr., Jeremy Krouskoupf, Don Rufener III, Dustin Daugherty, Tony Mullinex, Brett Mellor DNS-7R

Bugs-R-Gone Trucks

Heat J. Heyder, T. Winterringer, D. Powell, K. Potts, B. Workman, J. Large, J. Lillibridge

Heat T. Heyder, T. Garlick, J. Gardner, G. Lillibridge, J. Parsons, T. Hare

Feature Rolly Heyder, Cole Lillibridge, Joey Heyder, Jerry Gardner, Tom Garlick, John Large, Josey Lillibridge, Dwayne Powell, Jason Parson, Travis Hare, Travis Winterringer DNS-Brad Workman, Kevin Potts

Sept. 13, 2014

Mini Wedge Nationals

Fast Qualifier Zack Carr

Heat Z. Carr, Z. Stafford, A. Hensel, C. Kirkpatrick,

Heat J. Ice, B. Morris, S. Uhl, C. Adkins,

Heat B. Wilson, N. Large, D. Bates, B. Dawson,

B-Main L. Bowen, A. Dunlap, D. Danley, E. Large, B. Wilson, J. Bright, CJ Kineer, K. Beagle

Feature Zack Carr, Braxton Wilson, Zoe Stafford, Blake Morris, Billy Dawson, Levi Bowen, Destiny Bates, Savanna Uhl, Darrick Dunlap, Jacob Ice, Corbin Adkins, Nick Large, Cody Kirkpatrick, Jaime Bright, Andrea Hensel


Fast Qualifer Jimmy Smith 16.523

Heat N. Aronhalt, N. Loney, R. Aukland, R. Ours, B. Sims, B. Page

Heat D. Drown, K. Miller, D. Benjamin, G. Lee, G. Zimmer, D. Hubbard Jr.

Heat J. Wisecarver, C. Wolford, R. Reed, M. Enos, B. Miller

Dash R. Duston, D. Hubbard, A. Kinkade, J. Hartman, K. Morehouse, J. Smith

B-Main R. Ours, B. Miller, G. Lee, G. Zimmer, M. Enos, B. Sims, Darrick Hubbard Jr., B. Page

Feature Anthony Kinkade, Kevin Morehouse, Robin Duston, Nathon Loney, Rick Aukland, Jess Hartman, Jimmy Smith, Doug Drown, Denny Benjamin, Kevin Miller, Rory Reed, Bruce Miller, Robin Ours, Darrick Hubbard, Craig Wolford, George Lee, Jesse Wisecarver

Holmes Tire Late Models

Faature 2

kst Qualifier Freddie Carpenter 15.822

Heat G. Lee, S. Prince, M. Irey, JR Gentry, D. Kenworthy, B. Casey, A. Myers Jr.

Heat D. Drown, T. Myers, B. Malcuit, K. Tish, S. Sabo, V. Mardis

Heat V. Hottinger, C. Duncan, J. Patterson, M. Hutchinson, D. Conley, B. Perking

Dash F. Carpenter, R. Markham, D. Moran, T. Baker, R. Mardis, S. McLoughlin

B-Main JR Gentry, M. Huthcinson, D. Kenworthy, V. Mardis, D. Conley, S. Sabo, B. Perking DNS- B. Casey, A. Myers Jr.

Feature Freddie Carpenter, Devin Moran, Doug Drown, Shane McLoughlin, Ryan Markham, George Lee, Charlie Duncan, Ty Myers, Thomas Baker, JR Gentry, Rick Mardis, Steve Prince, Brad Malcuit, Vic Hottinger, Mike Hutchinson, Justin Patterson, Matt Irey, Doug Kenworthy/

Holmes Pest Control Street Stocks

Heat D. Potts, G. Lillibridge, Q. Lewis, D. Shear, J. Preston, B. Simpson, R. Grogg, T. Kersh

Heat K. Potts, T. Swim, G. Hensel Jr., M. Caskey, S. Wolford, B. Eagle, T. Goins, J. Disbennett

Heat B. Daugherty, B. Moore, M. Lonas, E. Dixon, D. Rutt, 7

B-Main B. Simpson, B. Eagle, R. Grogg, T. Kersh DNS- 7, J. Disbennett

Feature Bob Daugherty, Kevin Potts, Brad Moore, Gary Hensel Jr., Todd Swim, Mitch Caskey, Mike Lonas, Quinten Lewis, Steve Wolford, Gary Lillibridge, Don Rutt, Denny Shear, Richard Grogg, Eric Dixon, Brad Eagle, Dave Potts, Brian Simpson, Jon Preston

Bugs-R-Gone Trucks

Heat C. Lillibridge, T. Garlick, J. Gardner, J. Heyder, J. Lillibridge, T. Hare

Heat R. Heyder, T. Winterringer, J. Large, R. Holmes Jr., J. Warner, D. Powell

Feature Rolly Heyder, Cole Lillibridge, Jerry Gardner, Tom Garlick, Josey Lillibridge, Dwayne Powell, Travis Hare, Joey Heyder, Richard Holmes Jr., John Warner, Travis Winterringer, John Large


Heat T. Fritter, B. Stuhldreher, T. Hawkins, K. Morehouse, R. Hixenbaugh, J. Sisk, T. Frankenberry

Heat K. Morehouse, N. Crider, C. Logan, J. Burkheart, W. Kintz

Feature Kevin Morehouse, Tracy Fritter, Nick Crider, Chris Logan, Brian Stuhldreher, Kyle Morehouse, Tim Hawkins, Joe Burkheart, Tyler Frankenberry, Wayne Kintz, Ron Hixenbaugh, Joey Sisk

Mini Stocks

Heat B. Markey, G. Hensel Jr., T. Shonauer, J. Jones, J. Tatro, D. Daugherty, J. Fenn

Heat K. Markey, B. Hensel, J. St. John, D. Camp, S. St. John, T. Mullinnex, M. Miller

Heat J. St. John, C. St. John, T. Parsons, S. Crowe, B. Tomblin, 75, J. Maki

Feature Blaine Markey, Jerry Adkins, Kevin Markey, Gary Hensel Jr., Brad Hensel, Dustin Camp, Jeffery Tatro, Trae Shonauer, Tyler Parsons, Samantha St. John, Tony Mullinnex, John Maki, John Jones, Stephen Crowe, Matt Miller, Brian Tomblin, Jim Fenn, Colten St. John, Jason St. John DNS-Dustin Daugherty, 75

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