Pastor publishes book, creates new game for kids

| August 16, 2016
Pastor Kris Giles created a matching game for kids that teaches them about the Ten Commandments.

Pastor Kris Giles created a matching game for kids that teaches them about the Ten Commandments.

COSHOCTON – Kris Giles is a personal trainer at American Health Center, but his true passion is leading people to God. Giles has been an ordained minister for the last 18 years and has spent much of that time in various churches in the southern United States preaching the Word of God. About a year and a half ago, he and his family moved to Coshocton and he is in the process of starting a church in the area, GodView World Outreach.

Giles is a co-founder of GodView Bible Institute, along with Pastor Matthew Chiapetta, and since moving to Coshocton, Giles has started a Sunday morning worship at the Rehabilitation Center at Coshocton Memorial Hospital from 11 a.m. – noon. He has recently written a book, published by Christian Faith Publishers in Pennsylvania that will soon be available in six to eight weeks at Barnes & Noble and online retailers. The book is titled, “Sin Cycles and the God Presence”.

“One thing that bothered me was there were no experts on the idea of sin,” said Giles. “All you hear from pastors or people in churches is that they just fell into it or it was there before they knew it. I found it hard to believe with God as great as He is that there wasn’t a better answer.”

Giles introduces seven steps from the introduction of sin in your life to the destruction of your life.

“Once you know these seven steps, you can not only see it happening in your life and in other people’s life, but also the people in the Bible,” he said.

Once the book is established, he is planning to follow up with another book entitled, “Sin Cycles Unleashed”.

Giles has other exciting things in his life that the Lord has laid on his heart. One of which is a memory card game for kids that deals with the Ten Commandments.

“I remember when I was in school walking down the hall every day and looking at the 10 commandments,” he said. “I was preaching in a church of about 1,500 people and I asked them to write down where the 10 commandments were found in the Bible and to list them all. For a room of that size, only four or five people could do it, and those people were part of my Bible study group. That really bothered me.”

Out of that experience came “God’s Top Ten”, a memory card game of the Ten Commandments aimed at young children. The cards are professionally done with artwork done by a person of Middle East descent. So far, the game has reached eight countries and 20 states and 5,000 sets have been produced. Each card has part of each commandment listed and the object of the game is to find and match the second part of each commandment.

“It takes a 5 to 12 year old to play the game about three times to see the first part of the verse and be able to quote the second part,” said Giles.

The game is available online at or by contacting Giles. The price is by donation and Giles can send digital images of the artwork including sermons to anyone who requests them.

Giles is also hoping to create another game for kids that helps guide them to salvation. For now, he is looking for a building to house his church, GodView World Outreach. You can learn more about the ministry at the website listed above or find them in Facebook.

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