Please remember not to gather in large groups for Easter

| April 8, 2020

As we approach the Easter Holiday, EMA reminds everyone that we need to not gather in large groups in an effort to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Many churches have been holding their Sunday services virtually and we commend you for your efforts.

During the Governors COVID-19 Update on April 1, 2020 Governor Mike DeWine said:

“It is not in the Judeo-Christian tradition to hurt people and I’m sure no one intends to do that. But, by bringing people together you are risking their health, you are risking your health, you are risking total strangers’ health. This is just a huge, huge mistake.

“So, if anyone’s doing that, I would just ask them to think about that. Our churches, mosques, or synagogues, however people worship, they have all utilized across Ohio, we have great examples of them bringing people together on their day of worship, they can do it remotely. They’re doing it online, they are doing it in many, many different ways. So, thank you for doing that, thank you for reaching out to your congregation. I know that this is working, so we would hope that everyone would use those tools to do that as well.”

There is a concern that there may be individuals that are claiming that they have been told to quarantine by the health department when in fact they have not. Those individuals that are contacted by one of the health departments and are advised to take action (i.e. quarantine), the person is provided with a signed letter from the health department. This letter provided guidance about what the individual needs to do to protect themselves and others. If you visit your primary care physician or other medical provider due to an illness and you are advised to quarantine yourself, ask for a letter form the provider for employment or other purposes.

For information about what businesses are permitted to remain open during the Stay at Home order, please refer to Here you can see the complete order as well as an FAQ. Do not call local law enforcement, EMS or the local health departments for this information.

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