Residents reminded to follow city ordinances

| May 9, 2019

COSHOCTON – With the arrival of spring, people are out and about and the city is receiving complaints about the condition of residential properties. Just to remind everyone, city ordinances cover numerous conditions with residential properties. So to begin the spring right, please correct the following issues if they pertain to your property:

  1. Tires – If you have old tires on your property, this is a violation of city ordinances and they need to be removed. If you do not remove them, you could be cited into court for having them. Most local tire shops will accept them for a small fee.
  2. Old Vehicles – City ordinance requires vehicles to be in operable condition and have current registration on them to be parked outside of a garage. If they are sitting on the street, they can be impounded, and the owner is responsible for the tow bill and the storage fee. If they are on your property and you are notified to remove them and do not, not only will they be impounded, but also you will be cited into court and face a fine.
  3. Swimming Pools – Swimming pools, exclusively for the use of the residents, provided that such pools shall not be located closer than 10 feet from any property line of the property on which located, the pump and filter installations shall be located not closer than 20 feet from any property line, and that such pool or the entire property on which it is located shall be so walled or fenced as to prevent uncontrolled access by children from the street or from adjacent properties.
  4. Grass Clippings – No grass clippings or foliage shall be deposited onto public sidewalks or public streets. Grass clippings or foliage are to be removed from the public street and/or public sidewalk immediately following mowing or trimming. Grass clippings or foliage shall not be dumped or washed into municipal storm drains or into the municipal storm sewer system. The property owner shall be responsible for ensuring all tenants, vendors or third parties comply with this section.

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