River View Junior High students participate in Ohio Model United Nations

| April 3, 2017

WARSAW – Ohio Model United Nations is a three-day global education simulation experience created by the Ohio Leadership Institute that allows students in grades six through 12 to learn about the complete operations of the United Nations and its role as the world’s largest international peacekeeping and humanitarian organization.

Through the process of role-playing, students become delegates of a selected nation in order to write, present and debate issues affecting the nations and peoples of the world. Additionally, students present culturally based talent, participate in global education contests and debate current issues from the agenda of the United Nations.

This program is comprised of between 1,200 – 1,500 students from as far away as New York. In addition, as part of OMUN an International Outreach Program for Education in Nigeria (I-OPEN) was created, and students attending OMUN at both the junior high and high school level have donated nearly $15,000 toward the establishment and continuation of this program. The Hyatt Regency Hotel serves as the headquarters for the Ohio Model United Nations program. The hotel is located in downtown Columbus adjacent to the Columbus Convention Center. In addition to the conference, students begin preparations months in advance. Students attend after school meetings and advisors attend training sessions in order to prepare students for the event.

This year River View Junior High represented the countries of Somalia and Guatemala. The Somali team created a resolution called World Peace which included ideas the United Nations could use to bring an end to the Civil War that has been raging in that country for 25  years. The Guatemalan team decided that the United Nations should help Guatemala G.L.O.U.P. Suggestions were made for the UN to step up, create, and monitor ways for Guatemala to have equal opportunities for all in the work place.

Each team created culturally relevant costumes and talents. Each student was prepared to debate their resolution as well as other resolutions they would hear over the weekend. Students were also prepared to compete in a contest and discuss Global Issues which affect the entire world.

The following awards were received this year. River View Junior High I-OPEN Fundraising Project First Runner Up (I-OPEN Ambassadors were Conner Webster and Coen Bible.) Two students received Outstanding Leadership Awards – Bailey Bowman and Cal Shrimplin. One student received an Outstanding Delegate Award – Audrey Heddleson. Guatemala received an award for having an Outstanding Resolution. Cal Shrimplin ran for office and will be one of 16 vice presidents next year for JR OMUN.

Our eighth grade students will move on next year to SR OMUN either as a club or a class at the high school. JR OMUN will be focusing on the countries of Sweden and Maldives. If your child attends a River View School and will be in sixth, seventh, or eighth grade next year, and is interested in finding out more about the world, contact Mary Bell at River View Junior High (740-824-3523 EXT. 1331) for more information.

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