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Roscoe Landscaping in need of volunteers

| August 13, 2019

Volunteers met at the landscape building at Roscoe Village on Tuesday, Aug. 13 to help make decorations that will be used for the upcoming Christmas season at Roscoe. Pictured from left: Diana Swigert, Kathy Kohler, Julie Heil, Debby Corder, and Ann Baker.

COSHOCTON – The Roscoe Landscape Department is asking for volunteers to help them with decorations for the upcoming holiday season through a series of informal workshops led by Diana Swigert.

“I love to dry [flowers] and suddenly, I have this urge to share my knowledge and I didn’t have an outlet,” said Swigert. “I hope people will come and see if they like it and come back. You can meet new people who enjoy the outdoors and gardening.”

A group of volunteers met with Swigert and Connie Miller at the landscape building on Tuesday, Aug. 13 to learn about the group and begin projects. The topic focused on Goldenrod and the group made vine wreaths that will be anchored to a pine wreath this winter with splashes of other flowers added in for color. They will be hung throughout the village this winter.

“Connie and MJ will be using things that we are doing in their Christmas decorations in the village,” said Swigert. “That’s why we’re making certain things. We’re learning things and helping her at the same time.”

Volunteers will learn about drying flowers, leaves, and other plants, and how to preserve them and decorate them for any and all seasons. Some future classes include teasel, fall grasses, iron weed, annuals, flower seed heads, cones and pods, Silver King Artemisia, Money Plant, Golden Raintree Pods, sumac berries, sumac leaves, fall oak leaves, buckeyes, and acorns.

“There is a need for volunteers, but we don’t dwell on that,” said Swigert. “There is a need for people to understand how we do it [decorate] and appreciate it so they can do it at home because if they don’t know how we do it, they can’t appreciate it.”

Roscoe decorates with all-natural items. There will be nothing artificial, no changing colors of a flower or other plant with paint, and volunteers will learn not only the techniques of cutting and drying, but how to preserve decorations so they will last.

“Mrs. Montgomery started decorating in Roscoe using old skills and trades,” said Swigert. “Flower drying is an old-time craft because it was a way to extend your flowerbed into the winter months.”

Each workshop will vary in location and time, depending on what items are to be harvested and the weather. Each gathering will be about current plants that are available and sharing ideas and tips on how to decorate with these items.

Swigert said she hopes that the use of natural flowers and other plants in decorating can spread throughout Coshocton County.

“We’re working together as one group with one goal,” said Swigert. “We want everyone in Coshocton County to decorate their homes with all-natural decorations they made themselves.”

The next meeting of the group will be Monday, Aug. 19 at 12:30 p.m. in the gazebo by the visitor’s center at Roscoe. These workshops are free and informal, although they are not a make and take craft workshop. Everything made will be used in the village.

Roscoe Village has other opportunities for volunteers to not only be part of supporting community landmarks and traditions, but to learn and develop skills. Youth groups also have the opportunity to contribute through small projects within the village, working with education to teach younger children and adults about Roscoe Village, helping with special events and festivals, educational crafts, and helping to keep Roscoe beautiful.

Volunteer opportunities include gardening, landscaping, education, crafts, special events, festivals, spinning and weaving, and holiday decorating. The Roscoe Village Volunteer program affords all volunteers the opportunity to learn new skills, receive benefits in return for amount of hours volunteered, meet new people, and develop friendships while experiencing fun and fellowship during each volunteer meeting.

For more information on volunteering in the landscape department and to inquire as to where the next meeting will be, contact Swigert at 740-622-2394.

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