Rose of Sharon Retreat celebrates one-year anniversary

| March 19, 2018

COSHOCTON – The Rose of Sharon Retreat celebrated their one year anniversary on March 17. Jacque Wagner and Vickie Davis, sisters, had envisioned a place in Coshocton that people would come to relax and create and to enjoy the community. In looking for that perfect place, they came across the stone house at 304 South Fourth Street, in the middle of the historic section of Coshocton. With the help of many community people, the dream became a reality. The celebration this year was so much like the open house of last year, snow was on the ground the day of open house in 2017 and snow was on the ground the anniversary date in 2018.

The anniversary day began with a gathering of ladies who were staying at the retreat. They came from Marietta, Wadsworth, Columbus and South Carolina. They each received a gift card to Mercantile on Main, a fat quarter and fun pen. The girls all wanted a complete tour of the house as well. For safety reasons, the attic and basement are locked, but for celebration, the girls all were able to tour the unfinished attic. Why is this such a curiosity? The house itself was built by a circus performer and in the attic, he designed a space to practice his trapeze and the “U” bolts are still in the attic.

As the tour continued, the basement is an area of curiosity as well. It features high ceilings, a laundry area with a working laundry chute and an area everyone chuckles at every time they go to the basement. Jacque’s grandson asked very seriously where is the bear going to be kept? Why? Because every good circus has a bear. He even showed where the bear could be kept.

Although The Rose of Sharon Retreat has welcomed many guests from out of town, local people have enjoyed the retreat as well. This is what Sharon Wachtel of Coshocton had to say. “It’s a wonderful place to relax and have fun with friends, learn about new techniques, and get some sewing done. It’s like a weekend slumber party for grown-ups!”

Sue Williams of Coshocton had this to say. “Sometimes sewing can be a lonely hobby and when I went on my first retreat, I was hooked! You are with people who enjoy the same thing that you do and I find that I am truly inspired by the women that I retreat with. Quilters are so willing to share their knowledge and techniques. When Jacque and Vickie began thinking of opening a retreat, I was so excited, and when The Rose of Sharon came to fruition I was thrilled. If I could, I would do a retreat every month.”

Some of the comments heard not only about The Rose of Sharon Retreat, has been about Coshocton. Many have said they would like to come back to Coshocton and explore the history. (Whitewoman’s Rock, Roscoe Village, Wine Trail, Quilt Barn Trails, Clary Gardens and many more) It has been mentioned about the beautiful architecture around the city and more than once, many ladies had commented on the care and beauty of the flowers that Coshocton is Blooming developed. Even the three Indian Rivers joining together right as you enter Coshocton on Chestnut Street has been intriguing to the visitors of the Rose of Sharon. Of course, being the only place in the world named Coshocton, which means “Where there is a river crossing”, we offer much as a community for visitors. Learning to pronounce all the Indian names is a unique experience as well.

Here are a few comments left for reading at the Rose of Sharon Retreat: Karen from the Hocking Hills area, “I had a great time. Love your city and quilt shop people. Beautiful house!” Cindy from Columbus said, “The setting was wonderful and historical. Every detail provided”. Gloria from Hartville wants to stay forever. Sam from Carroll, Ohio, “Many wonderful memories made here!” The Presbyterian Ladies of Coshocton, “What a wonderful time of relaxation and retreat!” And from every retreater it was heard, “I can’t wait to come back!”

If you would like to book the Rose of Sharon Retreat for an event or weekend, please call 740-575-4275. If you would like a tour or want to visit with Jacque or Vickie on the front porch of The Rose of Sharon, let them know! Also, join their group of friends on Facebook or visit the website

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