RVHS to introduce community service letter

| May 24, 2016

WARSAW – According to River View High School Principal Chuck Rinkes, community service will soon be added to the list of activities students can receive a varsity letter for.

This recent addition was a smart choice according to Rinkes, as he felt that students who wish to partake in community service should be shown appreciation for their selflessness and willingness to benefit the community.

“We have a number of organizations in the building and kids that do a lot of community service hours already so I think that it will provide students that already do community service with recognition and it will potentially encourage other students who don’t already do community service to participate as well,” Rinkes said.

Rinkes also added that the requirements needed to earn a community service letter are pretty straight forward.

“Next year’s seniors will be required to do 25 hours of community service while juniors, sophomores, and freshmen will be required to reach a level of 50 hours. A percentage of the hours will have to benefit the school in some way but not all of them because we want the greater portion to be served within the community in order to benefit Coshocton at large,” he said.

Much of the focus this school year at River View has been on the importance of giving back.

“I’ve said it numerous times throughout the year to our students and it’s that our focus this year has been on gratitude, paying it back, and paying it forward. It just adds to the existing notion that we need to think bigger than ourselves and be more selfless rather than selfish,” Rinkes said.

By offering this opportunity to students, Rinkes believes that this will be the first step toward creating a more aware and community-minded teenager.

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