SADD Club receives donation to cover cost of driving simulator

| December 16, 2019

Thanks to a generous a donation, the SADD group at River View High School will start 2020 off with a driving simulator. Pictured from left are club members: Kiersten Davis, Jacob Averitt, Arik Lumbatis and Prestyn Patterson. Josie Sellers | Beacon

WARSAW – Thanks to a generous donation, the SADD group at River View High School now has a new tool to help teach others about the dangers of destructive decisions.

The club has been selling donuts for the past several years to raise money for a driving simulator. They had accumulated $1,105, but needed $3,000. Tim and Nancy Dickerson decided to cover the gap and presented the students with a $2,000 check on Dec. 13.

“It’s really important that you drive safe,” Nancy said. “We don’t want anyone else to have to suffer. Your lives are important.”

She and her husband lost their boys in a car accident. There were four teens in the car and they were all killed.

“This is a Christmas present from us to you guys, the school and to future kids here at River View,” said Nancy, who also is the advisor for SADD, which stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions. “This is a tool we can use to help make everybody a better driver.”

The club members who were able to attend the presentation were very appreciative of the donation.

“It’s very sweet of them to do this,” said sophomore Kiersten Davis.

Freshman Arik Lumbatis agreed with her.

“They are just incredible people,” he said.

Freshman Prestyn Patterson added that the Dickersons are a blessing.

Nancy said the simulator will put students in different driving situations. Some will be on country roads and some will be in the city where they will face rain, snow, and other driving distractions.

“While it’s a game, it’s also a tool to help you be a successful driver without killing yourself or others,” Nancy said.

Their reactions and decisions will both be tested with the simulator.

“Reactions and decisions are what killed my kids and all four of them,” Nancy said. “The goal is that students have an opportunity to make driving mistakes on a computer instead of a tragedy like our families experienced.”

SADD’s next step will be to speak with school administrators and see how to best use the simulator. River View is currently the only school in the county with this tool.

“I hope this can change kids’ lives,” said freshman Jacob Averitt.

Donations for the driving simulator also were received from Jon Ianniello and various families.

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