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Sandy Hook Elementary Tribute

| December 20, 2012

By: Beverly Kay (Exline) Powell (Former Ridgewood graduate)

A tragedy did occur

That fateful Friday morn

No one saw it coming

No one was forewarned

Out the door so quickly

A kiss and a hug or two

Have lots of fun at school dear

Remember I love you

So many lives affected

The world is flooding with tears

The survivors will try to learn

How to live with their fears

Those of us who believe

In the Heavenly Father above

Will be questioned about our faith

Questioned about God’s love

Where was that loving God

That you claim is so great

Why didn’t he stop this

From becoming their fate

I believe my Heavenly Father

Was with each of them that day

With his loving arms around them

To heaven he showed them the way

He was within each of the teachers

And within the first responders too

To keep them calm and able

To do the job they needed to do

A tragedy of this magnitude

Will never ever go away

Families were changed forever

They will be reminded every day

Have faith in my Heavenly Father

And as a nation let’s show that we care

This tragedy will not be healed with money

But can be with the power of prayer


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