Scavenger hunt fun at the park

| June 12, 2020
Add some excitement to walks at Lake Park by creating a scavenger hunt for kids to do as you enjoy the fresh air. Please remember to keep you children close – do not let them roam the park on their own to find the scavenger hunt items.
Give your children a checklist and let them mark off each item when they see it. A sample list might include: A puddle, a park bench, a squirrel, a red bird, a person on a bike, a camper, a picnic table, a turtle, a frog, someone fishing, flowers, a chipmunk, a sign, a dog and a flag.
If you want to add some creativity to your walk, give your children each a bag and have them find items to put in their bags, such as: Flowers (don’t pick flowers from the memorial benches – there are plenty of wild flowers to choose from!), sticks, small pebbles, leaves, or pretty rocks.
When you get home, give each child a piece of heavy paper and glue. Let them create a collage from the items they found on your walk. Your children would love it if you made a collage, too!

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