School districts continue providing extra meals for students

| February 25, 2021

Billee Jo Dickerson, cook, Kelly Karr, bus driver, and Carrie Roahrig, head cook, pose with one of the boxes of food that were passed out to Keene Elementary students on Feb. 18. (Josie Sellers)

Michelle Stoffer, food service director for Ridgewood School District,  said, “We are doing everything we can to help our students during these difficult times. It has been challenging for our staff, but they have stepped up putting our students first.”

All three school districts in the county are continuing to provide whatever support they can to the students in their districts. This includes providing meals for the students when they are not in school.

Ridgewood School District provides meals weekly for their students.  The students receive breakfast and lunch multiple days each week.  Meals can be picked up at the school or delivered by bus.

“Our meal schedule has changed several times due to our school schedule. We are trying to give our students meal opportunities for the meals they miss during the normal school day,” Stoffer said. This includes providing meals for the weekends and the days when students are remote learning. “I would like to thank everyone who has contributed – without them, it would not be possible.”

Jovelyn Metz is the food services director for River View School District. “Last week, we distributed 2,446 meals. We distribute meals to our students once a week. Our bus drivers deliver the meals and meet students or parents at one of our 18 drop locations.”

River View provides three breakfast and lunch meals to Face to Face students and seven breakfast and lunch meals for remote students.  Students receive milk for each meal, breakfast juice, healthy breakfast and lunch food items and plenty of fruits and vegetables. “Vegetables and fruits for every meal is a must,” Metz said.

Friday is the usual distribution day for student meals, but that has changed at times due to weather and holidays. “Anyone can sign up for this program any time until the end of the school year. All meals are free. They can sign up by emailing me at [email protected] or by calling 740-824-3521 extension 1211. We would like to get the word out and help our kids and parents,” Metz said.

Jennifer Andrews, food service director at Coshocton City Schools, said their district is on a full time face to face schedule and that students get breakfast and lunch at the school each day. “We also have students who are full time remote learners. We offer meals from the menu to our full time remote learners. Parents can call and order meals any day we are in session. The student receives a breakfast and lunch with each order placed.”

Andrews also said that when Coshocton is on a hybrid schedule, the district offers three breakfasts and three lunches that can be picked up on Mondays in addition to the meals offered in the cafeteria.

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