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Senior center organizes drive-in Bingo

| September 24, 2020
The circus was in town with a drive-in lunch and parking lot Bingo at the Coshocton Senior Center.
“We felt bad because of the current situation, so we thought of parking lot Bingo,” said Erica Messler, Interim Home Health development representative. “We have animal crackers and caramel popcorn in some of the gift buckets. We printed bingo cards with sort of a circus theme to hand out along with a marker. It’s a fun theme to have with the Bingo. We’re thankful that they let us put this on. We like to help seniors in the community in any way we can.”
The senior center staff  and drivers came in early to set up by putting out signs, getting lunch ready to hand out  and setting up the Bingo table and prizes.
“We do whatever is necessary and fill in the blanks,” said senior center staff member Shawne Quinn. “It’s fun. I absolutely love working here. I love the seniors and look forward to seeing them.”
Jessica Hebert agreed, “I have a blast working here. We’re just like one big happy family. I love working here.”
Polly Pepper attended the event in her  silver Mustang convertible and comfortably shaded herself with a purple umbrella while enjoying her lunch and playing Bingo. Her grandson Austin Buckmaster works at the  center she said. He was busy handing out bottles of water. Pepper participates in the Meals on Wheels program and said she heard about the circus themed  Bingo in the newsletter the center sends out. Pepper said it was  nice to have this event. “It helps people get out of the house and they really need this right now. Being at home all the time gets kind of depressing.”
Messler called the numbers. “Are you all ready to play Bingo? Honk your horns if you’re happy,” she said.”If you get a Bingo, honk your horn.”
Prizes were provided by Lafayette Point, Interim Healthcare and the senior center. Beth Vojacek , kitchen assistant, put gift buckets together, also plastic popcorn boxes, pumpkins and fall decorations for prizes.
“We allowed three cards per person, three bingo winners per card. Whoever shows up can play. We allowed for extra. We’re going to play traditional Bingo at first, then a few games that are a little different,” said Crystal Brandfass, Interim representative for hospice. “We always try to incorporate and serve. We serve Coshocton, Guernsey, Noble, Holmes, Tuscarawas and Harrison counties. It’s a good way to give back by having these free events.”
“We want people to reach out to us. There is nothing wrong with asking for help,” Brandfass said. “We’re covered 100 percent by insurance for medications, hospital beds, whatever they need. We can meet with the family and help them with any questions. Earlier  admission to hospice typically results in patients living longer, quality of life and they still can maintain their freedom. You can call this number  740-623-2331,  24 hours a day for hospice or home health and Erica or I will answer and provide free information. It gives people peace of mind knowing they have someone to call.”

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