Sign honoring Sky Wharton to be implemented

| June 23, 2015

COSHOCTON – Coshocton City Council met Monday, June 22 at 7 p.m. in City Hall. The meeting opened with Brad Fuller leading the Pledge of Allegiance and giving the invocation. Fuller was named Chaplain of Council during the May 26 meeting. The minutes of the May 26 meeting were accepted.

The floor then opened for council to hear concerns from the public. When no one stepped forward, President Cliff Biggers spoke about his reaction to the violence in South Carolina.

“Where we have a tragedy, we have an opportunity,” said Biggers. “I commend Gov. Nikki Haley for making this less about hate and more about love. I think we are at a monumental point in America and I hope we can look at South Carolina as ground zero for a new dialogue on race relations. I am a strong advocate for race relations and South Carolina may be leading us to a place we’ve never been.”

Mayor Steve Mercer then presented council with a program to recognize homes and businesses in each four wards in the community who are being nominated in how their homes or businesses are being kept. Bob Fetters announced that he has so far received four nominations from Dorothy Skowrunski. Those nominations are: COTC for floral displays and cleanliness, Roscoe Village Visitor’s Center for floral displays, RockTenn for lawn care and cleanliness, and Coshocton County Court Square for lawn care, floral display, cleanliness, and improvements from renovations.

Tim Fortney, Coshocton High School Athletic Director, and other community members are helping to designate a Sky Wharton Way, named after the legendary Coshocton High School coach and former mayor. Fortney spoke with Dick Wharton, Sky’s son, and Dick wanted to create a way to remember his father.

“This guy was a legendary coach in Coshocton,” said Fortney. “He was somebody who lived and died in Coshocton. I can’t think of anyone better to recommend for this recognition.”

Fortney is hoping to have a small decorative sign placed on top of the Water Street sign which faces Stewart Field with Wharton’s name featured on the sign. Wharton’s family would be willing to cover any cost associated with the sign. They would like to have the sign completed in July in time for the Meet the Team Night in August.

Service Director Jerry Stenner also announced that many potholes were washed out due to the large amount of rain the county had recently. These are being filled again. They will begin filling SR 541 on July 6. Problems with the lights on the bridge to Roscoe Village and electrical issues downtown are also being addressed.

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