Small animal show tests owner’s knowledge of pets

| September 30, 2019

Nine year old Grace Kilchennan shows her cat, Rosetta, to the judge during the small animal show at the Coshocton County Fair on Sunday, Sept. 29. Jen Jones | Beacon

COSHOCTON – On Sunday, Sept. 29, several young people brought their favorite small pets to be judged at the Coshocton County Fair. Cats, hamsters, guinea pigs and reptiles each had a class.

The judge thoroughly checked each animal and asked the pet owner several questions to test their knowledge of their pet and how to properly care for it. Each person had to prove they knew how to clip nails and how to check their pet for illness. How they held their pet was also important.

Grace Kilchennan,9, was showing her cat, Rosetta, for the first time. “He’s really scared.” She shared that she got her pet from Santa and that she thought he was a girl and named him – then found out he was a boy. Kilchennan said she is a member of Progressive Livestock 4-H Club and is also showing a dairy heifer.  “I’m very nervous because he’s hard to hold and weighs 23 pounds.”

She also said she has been practicing how to hold him and that she had to bathe and brush him. Clipping his nails and putting his harness on him were also things she has had to learn to do.

Sisters, Taylor, 11, and Kaylee Brehm, 13, were each showing a cat and a guinea pig. They are both members of Hooves, Hands and Hearts 4-H Club. Taylor said she decided to bring her car because he’s just a fluffball and her guinea pig because she is her best companion. “We have to hold them right and answer questions from the judge. The hardest things are putting the harness (on the cat) and brushing.”

Taylor said she had to flip the guinea pig to check the feet, teeth and nails for the judge. “I’m kinda nervous about the guinea pig. She’ll be harder because my cat has done it before and is used to it.”

Kaylee said this was her sixth year for showing guinea pigs, but only her second for showing her cat. “It’s hard to keep an eye on the judge and always be smiling.  We have to stay focused.” Keeping their nails trimmed is the hardest thing about taking care of her pets. “My cat will be harder because I’m not as familiar with him.”

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