SnyderSTRONG Amazing Race brings out strong competition

| July 30, 2018

COSHOCTON – The 21 teams who competed in the SnyderSTRONG Amazing Race were looking for any way they could think of to shave a minute or two off of their time. Some brought drivers, others left their cars running and doors open at the various stops.

The weather was perfect on Saturday, July 28 for the race.

“Each team has four members,” said Stephanie Snyder.  “It costs $100 for each team to participate and the money goes towards the SnyderSTRONG scholarship. We’ve been able to give two $1,000 scholarships to River View graduates who are going into the medical field.”

The teams not only compete for the fastest time to complete the race, but also in a costume contest, judged by Stephanie and Pat Snyder.

The first team out was the Dance Team Rejects.

“We did it last year and it was so much fun,” said Jenny Strickler. “It’s a great cause to support, too.” Other team members included Libby Schott, Alonna Hoffman and Janet Smith. They all agreed that it was a fun way to raise money for a wonderful cause. They were all dressed in tutus and other dance apparel.

The Dysfunctional Farmers were the next to leave. Team members included Megan Hill, Nicole Helmick, and Travis and Allyssa Mullett.  Hill said, “We are here to support Pat and Stephanie and to honor Grady and Addy. I’ve been friends of the family my whole life.”

Helmick added, “I took off all my jewelry to get ready for the race.”  (Last year, a lady lost her wedding band in a grain bin while she was digging for toy tractors. It was recovered after a four hour search). “It’s fun to go to all the local businesses and do the activities. Their support is amazing!”

Teams left River View High School in 15-minute intervals. They received an envelope that held clues to their first stop. At each stop, teams needed to complete a challenge to receive the envelope with their next clue. At their first stop, Jillian’s Hair Salon, each member had to get a blue or orange stripe put in their hair (it washes out) to get their next clue. At the Beacon office, the teams had to proofread an article before getting their clue.

At AAA, teams had to toss travel items into suitcases from across the room, put together a United States puzzle and locate what state had famous attractions. Every team put together a quilt block at Rose of Sharon. After the race, Vickie Davis and her helpers were going to use the signed blocks to craft a quilt that would be raffled off.

Team members had to identify cheeses at Pearl Valley Cheese and get across the barrel at Forrest Hill Lake. The challenge at Lake Park left many competitors dizzy, as they had to wear “drunk” goggles and walk heel to toe, run, throw a football and hit a ball off of a tee. Warsaw Dari was the final clue and each member had to eat an ice cream cone before rushing back to RVHS to finish their race.

After the race, a hog roast was held for all of the competitors and for the public. Next year’s race will be held on July 20.

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