Sophomore visitation day held at Coshocton County Career Center

| February 14, 2019

COSHOCTON – Jacqueline Monroy wants to have her own salon someday and hopes the Coshocton County Career Center can help her accomplish that goal.

“I really want to go here next year,” said Monroy, who attended sophomore visitation day on Feb. 14 at the school. “I’ve heard lots of good things about the career center and how I can experience different things hands-on.”

Monroy is a 10th grader at the Coshocton Christian School. She and other sophomores from the county schools were invited to experience three programs offered at the career center.

“Cosmetology is my main interest but I also chose natural resources and early childhood development,” Monroy said.

Sophomores interested in the natural resources program were given the opportunity to climb a tree outside the career center. Current students in the program demonstrated the process for them and guided them on their climb.

Monroy passed on the opportunity, but Sydney Stewart from River View High School, climbed up the tree and enjoyed the view.

“That was so cool,” Stewart said. “It was breathtaking.”

She wasn’t sure which program at the school interested her the most.

“Natural resources and criminal justice both offer parts of what I want to do,” Stewart said.

Each program lab had an activity planned for the visitors that was run with the help of career center students.

“We get to show the young kids what our classes are all about and that you can come here to make new friends and meet new people,” said Aries Shepherd.

She is a senior in the culinary arts program which had a cupcake decorating activity setup for the sophomores who came through. Another culinary arts senior helping out was Julie Green.

“I love cooking,” Green said. “When I was little I cooked with my grandma. I wanted to come here to better my techniques and learn more cuisines.”

She loved getting to show the sophomores what they do at school.

“I wanted to show them we can have fun and learn,” Green said.

In addition to decorating cupcakes, the sophomores also got a lesson in hand washing.

“We talked about how germs spread and that if we don’t wash our hands properly we can make people sick,” said Joshua Myers, a senior culinary arts student.

He used a powder in his presentation that showed students where they missed germs when washing their hands.

“So far I’ve only had one girl wash her hands properly,” Myers said.

Culinary arts junior Jillian Boylan enjoyed being part of the day.

“Hopefully this brings in more students to the program,” she said.

School Counselor Doug Nagle said the sophomores preselected their areas of interest in order to maximize their time at the career center. Before leaving, they filled out a survey about their experiences. Those interested in learning more about attending the school were encouraged to come back with their parents for the informational SPIN Night held on Feb. 19.

“We want to strike while the iron is hot,” Nagle said. “Hopefully they went home after their visit and told their parents about all the options here. You can come here for half a day, earn college credits and certificates in your industry. I think those are some of the biggest things parents don’t know about the career center. I have one student right now who comes here for cosmetology, goes to her home school for chemistry and is doing College Credit Plus.”

He also sends the sophomores home with an enrollment application.

“They can turn those right in to their home school guidance office,” Nagle said. “Programs are on a first come first serve basis so they want to get those turned in as soon as possible. We’ve had some students turn them in the afternoon right after their visit. Those are the ones you know really want to be here.”

For more on the career center, visit or call 740-622-0211.

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