Springtime is in the air

| March 3, 2022

We all know it’s coming. About the time we flip the calendar page to March to escape the cold of winter, we start to anticipate the warmth of spring, the green grass, flowers blooming, birds chirping and all things, well, spring.

While the date on the calendar says March 20 (that’s what my calendar says!) is the spring equinox – we know that here in east central Ohio that can sometimes be a bold-faced lie. We learned as youngsters not to put our faith in a date on the calendar – well, sure, you can do that for Christmas, but not springtime in Ohio. Those that follow the Almanac are saying – if I heard someone correctly – that spring is indeed on the way with perhaps one more bout of winter to tease us.

I’ll take that. It’s the cold mornings that get me. But then I start thinking about those that must work outdoors – farmers, electrical, telephone, road construction, timber, and many more. It’s not that difficult for me to walk outside and jump in the car. Heck, with remote start – (yep, even on my old beater) IF I remember to set the HVAC controls the night before – the windshield can lose its coating of frost before I go outside. Wow, life is tough ain’t it? Well, most evenings I don’t remember to set those controls so scraping away I am.

What’s your plan for gardening this year? Large, medium or small? I would just settle for some decent tomatoes – these seem to be difficult on our property. And my mom and dad could raise them by the wheelbarrow full. I have the picture to prove it. It is possible that the “green gene” skipped me. We’re going to give it another go this year. A soil test is in the plan to see where the deficiencies are – the results could prove that it is with me.

The news seems to indicate that the mess Russia has caused in Ukraine might be headed for a peaceable resolution. At least that’s where we are on Monday morning, Feb. 28 as I write this column. You must wonder what Mr. Putin was thinking with an invasion of a sovereign nation in the year 2022. Sure, these things happen around the world and in many places, they hardly get a minute of news. But an invasion of your neighboring country in the middle of Europe is something else altogether. Especially when everyone has a cell phone to spread the news via video and live streaming.

The Ukrainian people and armed forces are fighting bravely against a much larger and more heavily armed foe – and appear to be holding their own – again, this is on Monday morning, Feb. 28. The Russian forces probably did not expect the level of resistance that is being put forth and wanted at the most – a several days operation.

The sanctions against Russia – now a combined approach by nations all over the world – are taking their toll rather quickly and Mr. Putin could find himself in the proverbial pickle barrel as hostilities continue. The flash point could very well be the Russian people themselves – and in particular – the wealthiest of the wealthy – of which Russia has many. Their power and influence cannot be underestimated and might be the difference in the coming weeks for peace. Let’s hope so.

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