Students’ artwork judged during Teenage Talent exhibit

| May 6, 2016

007COSHOCTON – The Johnson Humrickhouse Museum has announced winners for the Teenage Talent exhibit which is closing on Wednesday, May 11. Two local artists, Kelsey Schott and Jenn Bush judged more than 100 submissions and chose winners in creativity, composition, and technique.

“At one time, we gave ribbons for just creativity, but that left out some of the intent of the content,” said Patti Malenke, director of the museum. “The piece might not be very creative, but it’s the technique they were working on for the piece.”

Forty-nine artists from local high schools and home schools provided the art for the exhibit, which was chosen by their teachers.

Adriana Seiler is in 11th grade and this was her first time submitting a piece of art. She won first place in 3D creativity. Her piece was inspired by coral reefs.

“We were doing coral reefs in art class,” she said. “I was inspired by the aquarium at the Columbus Zoo where they had simulated coral reefs and I wanted to reflect that in my work.”

Seiler said it took a couple of weeks for her to complete her work. She used plaster, newspaper, aluminum foil, pipe cleaners, and paint.

The museum’s next exhibit will be Grafted to the Past and will celebrate the museum’s 85th anniversary.

“We’ve asked artists in the region to come in and find a piece that inspires them and then create a new piece from that,” said Malenke.

The new piece will be featured beside the original piece that inspired the artists in the special exhibit room. This exhibit will run from May 21 through July 21.

Award winners are as follows:

Fine Art (Works that are viewed from one side): Composition: 1st: Holly Sue McCoy, Ridgewood, 2nd: Mariah Kittell, Coshocton; Technique (Craftsmanship or effective use of medium): 1st: Holly Sue McCoy, Ridgewood, 2nd: Elle Coffman, Coshocton; Originality (Concept): 1st: Mary Jackson, Coshocton, 2nd: Nakeisha Sue Ianniello, Coshocton Opportunity

3-Dimensional: Composition: 1st: Ethan Woodie, Coshocton, 2nd: Jessica Clark, Coshocton; Technique (Craftsmanship or effective use of medium): 1st: Hanna Bush, Ridgewood, 2nd: Jessica Clark, Coshocton; Originality (Concept): 1st, Adriana Seiler, Homeschool, 2nd: Mariah Kettell, Coshocton

Graphic Arts: Composition: 1st: Tristan Hahn, Ridgewood, 2nd: Payton Holdsworth, Coshocton; Technique (Craftsmanship or effective use of medium): 1st: Lauren Hire, Coshocton, 2nd: Ethan Woodie, Coshocton; Originality (Concept): 1st: Tristan Hahn, Coshocton, 2nd: Hannah Nelson, Coshocton

Photography: Composition: 1st: Kassidy Logan, Coshocton; Technique: 1st: Courtney Elliott, Ridgewood

Best of Show: Holly Sue McCoy, Ridgewood

People’s Choice Award: Brian Armstrong, Homeschool

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