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| July 16, 2020

Rebecca Armstrong from An Organized Journey is here to help those who want less clutter in their lives. (Josie Sellers)

Clutter piling up? Don’t know where to start with getting organized? Rebecca Armstrong from An Organized Journey can help.

Armstrong officially started her professional organizing business in February, but she’s had a passion for it since she was a child.

“I don’t remember ever having to be told to clean my room,” she said. “I alphabetized my Little Golden Books and my brothers had to put them back in the right place.”

She started helping friends and soon realized that organizing was her calling.

“We all get overwhelmed at times,” Armstrong said. “I have a gift for this where others may have gifts in ways I don’t.”

She has fine-tuned her skills by attending webinars and has studied the psychology of hoarding and senior move management. She used her skills this spring to help a local businessman organize his office, but also can help people with their entire home, a room or even just a closet or pantry.

The process starts by clients filling out a questionnaire from Armstrong that can be e-mailed back to her. After reviewing the form, she then contacts the client to see if they would like her to see the space or just talk on the phone. They can then set up an appointment and prioritize what needs to be done to get them organized.

“It’s their space so this is very client directed,” she said. “I want them to feel involved and be comfortable with what we are doing. If people feel forced to do something they are not as likely to stay organized.”

Actions plans will walk clients through the process including deciding what they need to purchase for their space or have Armstrong buy for an added fee. The length of the project depends on the state of the space being organized.

“I’ll work with you at your pace,” Armstrong said. “I’m more of a guide to work alongside of you and encourage you.”

When your space is organized, Armstrong presents a maintenance plan with daily, weekly, and monthly goals, to help you keep your space tidy.

One of the advantages to having a professional organizer is that they can be objective and not enable you to keep clutter.

“There is a lot of psychology involved in it,” Armstrong said. “We have a tendency to try to do everything at once and then you get overwhelmed and quit. People also are too hard on themselves and think their house should look like the pages of a magazine.”

Armstrong has children and pets and would describe her house as lived in.

“Shows like those on HGTV give us unrealistic expectations,” she said. “We have the mindset that if our house doesn’t look like that we failed. You can only do the best you can. It’s more about peace of mind. If your physical space isn’t as cluttered your emotions won’t be as cluttered.”

To start your organization journey, contact Armstrong at 740-995-9645 or message her Facebook page, An Organized Journey. She also is available for workshops on topics such as senior move management, kids spaces, and tips for busy moms.

When working on a job, Armstrong has Crocs and or slippers she can wear at appointments and also brings with her catalogs, and a tool kit full of helpful items to assist in sorting and labeling. Her kit also includes hand sanitizer, gloves, and she has two different types of face masks she can wear if needed. Trash can be removed for an extra fee and Armstrong is partnering with other helpful businesses to assist with tasks such as house cleaning.

“I also can work with clients virtually if they are more comfortable with that,” she said.

A consultation is $35 and if you schedule at least a three-hour session and mention The Beacon article Armstrong will waive the consultation fee.

“When I go in I just don’t look at the clutter,” Armstrong said. “I try to get to know the whole person. I come with no judgment. There is no shame. You don’t have to be like me.”

She breaks each clients project into steps so they can move through it like a journey.

“When you go on a journey you take your time and sometimes that is just one step at a time,” Armstrong said.

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