There is still time to bid on items in the chamber auction

| April 1, 2021

As I was cramming another mouthful of that ever so special Western treat into my mouth this morning (that would be cereal!) I thought about all of the cereals I have enjoyed over the years. Many of them are familiar to everyone, Rice Krispies, Cheerios, Wheaties, Life, and so on and so forth. But growing up our Mom had some cereals that were considered “hands off” for us youngsters. No “fancy” healthy stuff for us. Cereals with sugar – or with some sugar heaped on top – were for us kids. Total cereal and others were for Mom. There was one cereal we had that has almost a cult following. And while it was “hands off” I used to sneak a bowl every now and then. (like almost every day after my paper route!)

That cereal was Fortified Oat Flakes. There has never been an imitator that has quite lived up to the health benefits and taste of this cereal. I loved it. Introduced in the 1970s Post stopped making it in the 1980s or so the internet says. According to one website, there are several thousand votes naming it the “All-Time Greatest Cereal.” Apparently, it was that good. Bring it back with a new logo and colorful box, and you could have a winner here.

You still have time to bid on many wonderful items for the Coshocton County Chamber of Commerce auction. The online auction bidding ends at noon this Saturday, April 3. Dozens of businesses and organizations in our community have donated items and gift certificates galore. This is a wonderful opportunity to help The Chamber of Commerce and while doing so, you are helping our community. A suggestion might be to buy some items as gifts. There are many items that would fit into that category when you browse through the list. Bid online at

Not including TTUN what happened to the Big 10 teams in the men’s basketball tournament? With TTUN the only team remaining out of nine that entered the tournament, we are limited to who we can root for here in the Midwest. Will you root for TTUN or not? Meanwhile the Pac12 conference has several teams still in the hunt for a national title. Some of those may be eliminated as I am writing this on Monday and there are games to determine the final four tonight and on Tuesday night. TTUN has a good chance of making the final four based on their performance throughout the season and in the tournament so far.

Where do we stand with the COVID-19 pandemic? According to the Centers for Disease Control website, located at as of Monday, March 29, over 143 million doses of vaccine have been administered and the U.S. has recorded over 30 million cases of COVID-19. After new reported cases trending down since a high recorded on Jan. 8 of this year, the trend has now started upwards. While we are making significant inroads to beat the virus, it is still a real threat and taking precautions needs to still be the order of the day.

Here’s hoping that you have a very Happy Easter and are able to enjoy time with family. Most certainly this year looks very different than last year with regards to the pandemic. Spring is here, the days are getting longer, and warmer temperatures will soon be consistent. Thanks for reading The Beacon!

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