There’s a sweet, sweet smell in the air!

| August 26, 2021

We’re fortunate to live here. I’m not sure if you take time to ponder your life circumstances – as in, how did I end up here? Most people probably don’t think about it too much. Most people are probably way too busy just trying to put bread on the table and get the kids to 4-H, dance lessons, soccer practice or a myriad of other parental obligations.

That leaves the rest of us to ponder our life and how we ended up in such a grand place as Coshocton County, Ohio, U. S. of A. Or some of us anyway. I am one of those folks, I guess. It hit me this morning when I opened the garage door – actually, the door opener did that – who actually opens their own garage door anymore? – and stepped out into a balmy 70-degree morning in August. And there it was – that sweet scent of pineapple – no, not really – we don’t live in Hawaii for gosh sakes – it was CORN! Yellow gold to farmers in the Midwest.

According to the internet – or better yet, try a farmer or the folks at the OSU Extension who have a lot more knowledge on this than little ‘ol me – we never raised corn – just some cattle that ate corn. Back to the internet – it’s the corn pollen that you smell early in the morning and only for a few days. Let’s hope I have this right – I don’t want to be an embarrassment to our county!

Where we live is a relatively safe place with the impact of dangerous weather events like wildfires and hurricanes non-existent and rare is a tornado. I’m not sure how earthquake prone we are but it is safe to say not even close to that of California. We have some flooding from time to time and of course, our share of thunderstorms, heavy rains and snowfall. Regardless, you get the idea – our geographic location in Ohio and the nation is something to relish.

I’m sure you have enough information and news on the dilemma in Afghanistan and the renewed spike in COVID-19 delta variant cases. You also know that we are facing mask mandates, employers considering, and forcing the vaccine on employees.

The Buckeyes start the season next Thursday, Sept. 2 at Minnesota with a night game – scheduled to start at 8 p.m. Then Oregon comes to Columbus for a Sept. 11 game with kickoff at noon.

The Cincinnati Reds are – as of today – in the wildcard playoff. There are still a lot of games to go but the Reds are hot, and the Padres just lost eight out of 10. The Indians – forget about it.

Fall is on the way. School is back in session – watch out for the kids and the school buses! Here’s hoping everyone is ready for a “normal” year of school and that we can keep the kids in school. Thanks to all those that work hard every day to keep our kids safe and healthy.

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I live with my beautiful wife Nancy on a small farm just outside Coshocton. We have been married for thirty two years and have two grown children, Jessica and Jacob. Jessica is married to Aaron Mencer and they are employed with Coshocton City Schools. Jacob is a sophomore at Kent State University. I graduated from River View High School, have a Bachelor’s Degree from North Carolina Wesleyan University and am actively involved with the Roscoe United Methodist Church, serve on several local committees and am a member of the Coshocton Kiwanis Club, having served as Past-President. I love reading, especially military thrillers, the Civil War and history in general. My goal is to write a novel. My wife and I are also AdvoCare distributors and encourage anyone wanting to lose weight, gain energy and better health to explore AdvoCare at our website; I love the media field, innovative technology and have worked in newspapers for over 30 years – in fact, my first job was delivering newspapers. The Beacon is a dream made possible by the support of this community and a great team. I hope to continue serving Coshocton County for many years.

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