There’s hope for your broken cell phone

| June 23, 2016
Stan Braxton’s business, Electronics Medic, might just be able to save your broken or damaged cell phone. Josie Sellers | Beacon

Stan Braxton’s business, Electronics Medic, might just be able to save your broken or damaged cell phone. Josie Sellers | Beacon

COSHOCTON – Stan Braxton has changed the name of his business to better reflect how he can help people.

If you are having problems with your electronic devices, including your cell phone, Electronics Medic is here to assist you.

“Most places will just replace the glass for you if you break your (cell phone) screen, but say you drop your iPhone and it won’t turn on,” Braxton said. “We can actually pull the data off the phone for you. We will put the data on a thumb drive for you and most of the time we also can get the phone to turn on.”

He’s also helped people who have accidently gotten their phone submerged in water and said he can even recover data off of a phone that’s been in a fire.

Braxton can do micro-soldering on the phones and replace charging ports.

“I’ve looked around and I can’t find another company that does what we do,” he said.

Braxton decided to ramp up his cell phone repair services after analyzing the market.

“Computers have become throw away items,” he said. “We used to charge by the hour but now it’s just $45 or $60 so there was a drop in income on them. Telephones used to be throw away items, but they aren’t now that people are spending $700, $800, and even $900 on them and have contracts.”

There are some cell phone problems that Braxton said people can fix themselves, but what sets his business apart is his ability to micro-solder and recover data.

“If you spend $800 to $900 on your Samsung and then break your charging port, we can fix that for just $50,” Braxton said.

He can work on all types of phones and tablets and has a no fix, no fee policy.

“If we don’t fix it there is no cost involved,” Braxton said.

Electronics Medic is located at 333 Main St. They can be reached at 740-622-8115 or contacted on Facebook at Braxton said they also just opened a shop on the square in Newark and are working on setting up a mail order service. He learned his skills during his four years in the U.S. Army and can work on a variety of items including CBs, drones, TVs, computers and cell phones.

“If it’s electronics, we can fix it,” Braxton said.

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