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‘This Light Remains’ to offer hope to community

| April 17, 2014

COSHOCTON – The Easter story will be told from a different perspective this year during the Coshocton Nazarene Church’s Easter musical, ‘This Light Remains’. This is the second year the church has presented this production, which was written by members of the congregation.

“They’re all so similar because the story is the same,” said Pastor James Rose, youth pastor, about area Easter plays. “What separates this one is because it’s written and developed by local people. They’ve put a different prospective on it. We’re trying to provide a little encouragement to our community.”

Rose hopes that this musical will be a source of hope to the people of Coshocton as businesses are closing, people are being laid off, and others are losing their homes.

“We’re at a point right now where people are losing hope,” said Rose, “not only because of what’s happening locally, but around the world. We hope they understand who Christ is and why He had to give that sacrifice for us. It’s the idea that even when life seems so rough and hopeless, there is a source of strength and light for our future.”

The play centers around a woman named Rachel, played by Hannah Lanz, who has lost her infant son in the King Herod massacre after the birth of Jesus. As the play begins, Rachel and Judah, played by Trevor Lanz, are exchanging wedding vows, she becomes pregnant, and her son is born. She has a very hopeful future until the king orders every infant son to be murdered in his quest to find and kill the one called the true king. Thirty years after the massacre, Rachel still hasn’t forgotten her son and is very bitter.

“She’s still struggling with this same thing through the whole play,” said Hannah Lanz. “I’m hoping that Rachel’s character connects with the women in the audience. She has struggles and fears, but she’s able to overcome them in the end.”

Although her husband Judah has grieved for his son, he has moved on and now, there is tension between him and his wife because she refuses to let go of the past.

“He’s resentful over the fact that his son has died, but he has moved on,” said Trevor Lanz. “But there’s still an awkward tension between their relationship. He’s resentful because she’s still clinging to the past.”

Throughout the musical, Rachel and Judah are mentored by two older married adults in their community, Cleopas, played by Tom Clark, and Zara Beth, played by Mary Knicely.

“He’s an older, wiser man married to Zara Beth and they have a mentoring relationship with the young couple,” said Clark. “My character is looking forward to Jesus’ coming, but he’s looking for a more military or political leader. He is very disappointed at the crucifixion and he comes to realize exactly who Jesus is after His death.”

Matt Mathias, who portrays Jesus, hopes that the audience leaves the play with a sense of what Jesus has done for them in their lives and His forgiveness.

“I hope they know what Jesus has done for them,” he said, “and what He went through. This isn’t just a play. It’s a depiction of something that really happened. I hope they understand how forgiving He is. He doesn’t even remember our sin when we ask for forgiveness.”

‘This Light Remains’ will be April 17, 18, and 19 at 7:30 p.m. Doors will open at 7 p.m. Tickets are only $1 and can be purchased at The Good News Book Store, Buehler’s Food, or at the church office.

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