Top 10 reasons to use a local realtor

| May 10, 2019
  1. A realtor has the knowledge and experience to ensure your process is seamless. There are numerous, required documents associated with the sale of a home. They are seasoned in handling the paperwork correctly and can help you avoid costly mistakes and avoid delays.
  2. Realtors have a database that expands well beyond what the public sees on sources like, Zillow and Trulia. You need an agent who has access to these hidden gems and can generate the best exposure for your listing.
  3. The real estate market across the country is heating up. With a low inventory and buyers becoming impatient, you’ll want a Realtor who can navigate the negotiating process for you and thoroughly explain all your options. It’s important to know how a contract can not only affect your pocket but the overall ease of the experience.
  4. Realtors have incredible connections with everyone involved in the selling process. They maintain relationships with local lenders, inspectors, appraisers, title companies and more. These relationships also aid in a seamless process when it comes to selling your home.
  5. Because your local Realtor has undergone extensive classes, testing, continuing education hours and they hold a license; they are held to strict standards and have to adhere to the Code of Ethics.
  6. A realtor has a solid understanding of what buyers are looking for; therefore they can suggest what necessary repairs and cosmetic improvements would help generate the quickest sale and for the most money.
  7. The sale of your home may be one of the biggest financial decisions you will make. The more information you know regarding local home sales, days on the market and average sale price the more likely you are to make solid decisions that lead to a successful sale. Your local realtor has access to these stats and they keep up to date on the day to day changes in your area.
  8. Realtors are always in the know. If there is a new company coming into town that will generate job growth, you can bet your agent knows the details. They have a genuine passion for your community and they aid in the expansion of your town in any way they can.
  9. A realtor will continue to be a guide for you well after your closing. Many questions will pop up that were overlooked in the excitement of closing. Your realtor will be ready to assist every step of the way.
  10. The continued growth and success of a realtor is based greatly on referrals. This emphasis gives your realtor a strong incentive to ensure you feel like a priority from beginning to end so they want to maintain and nurture that relationship for years to come.

Editor’s note: These tips were submitted by the Coshocton County Board of Realtors. For more information, visit

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