Warsaw State of the Village delivered

| January 19, 2018

WARSAW – Each year I look back on the state of the Village of Warsaw. As the mayor, I report on the condition, how things are going over the past year.

This year I’m leaving out a lot of data and information which the public has access to by way of our website.

My address this year has a different approach, as I report on the state (condition) of the Village of Warsaw.

I’m pleased with condition or state of Warsaw. This can be summed up with a few words. Statements like “very good”; “great”; “successful” and many other positive remarks describing the Village of Warsaw.

All of this can be said because of people; not government actions or policies, not because of ordinances passed or resolutions adopted or even what we spent money on during the year. But because people! They determine the condition or state of the Village.

First, the residences who live in Warsaw, because it’s home to them; also the people who support the local businesses, that keeps the Village alive; the people who respect property and have kept their houses looking nice; also, there are those who are active in churches and civic organizations; people who keep the laws and are active in the community events. Yes, it is the people who really dictate the state of the Village. It’s people who make Warsaw “good” and a desirable place to live. The state of their Village depends on them. The people!

Some of those people have been selected to represent the residences and property owners of Warsaw. Some elected, some hired to serve. To those I’m truly appreciative.

We finished in the black because of the work of a knowledgeable Fiscal Office; also the excellent work and way that our Village Administrator conducts the daily operation of the water, sewer and street departments; a very dedicated Village Council; a knowledgeable water clerk; building inspector; and our deputy who keeps the peace and works with the public relations; and all those (people) who serve on committees.

Yes, again I say the condition of the Village of Warsaw is good, successful and positive due to the people.

The state of the Village of Warsaw address also includes other information about what happened in 2017. The annual park social, the ball games, the swimming pool and other activities at the Riverview Park were successful, again because of people.

We experienced another very costly State audit, but once again we received a very good report, thanks to our Fiscal Officer. Even though these audits by the State of Ohio are time consuming, lots of work and are costly (over $13,000.00), they do have a positive impact. It is evidence that our local government officials are not only good stewards with the income we have to work with, but also there is integrity and commitment within the governing body.

During 2017 we had some very costly situations. I am happy to say we “had” to buy a new truck. Very much needed and we paid cash for it! The Village was faced with the replacement of a new well; water brakes and more maintenance problems than in any year in the past 15 years. All this was taken care of because of people. We have the right people in the right places. We also can report we resurfaced some streets and made improvements at the Park.

I look to 2018 with great expectation of another good year! Even though we face the year with less income from taxes, higher prices and a challenging budget, I am sure the people will bring a positive report for the upcoming year. I challenge the council to stay motivated to make the Village of Warsaw a great place for people to live. Thank God government is only as good as the people make it.

So, I conclude by saying may God bless you, the Village of Warsaw and all the people.

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