We aren’t perfect but better than the rest

| July 8, 2021

Okay, so it’s not the greatest headline ever written, that’s for sure. As our nation celebrated 245 years of independence just a few days ago, it seemed appropriate to throw out a reminder or two about this country we call America.

Some comments flittered about in my email this morning from one of those services that you don’t ever recall subscribing to, certainly don’t pay for, and always neglect to click on “unsubscribe.” Yep, one of those. This particular one caught my eye as they were quoting ‘ol T.R. himself, Teddy Roosevelt. The Rough Rider made many such quotes in his time, and most are familiar with them. I am not going to bring up all the quotes but basically it can be boiled down to the next paragraph in this week’s column.

If our country is so bad, why do so many still want to come here? With everyone now having access to a platform to whine, complain and basically bash on America and all of our past, and even current, sins, if you’re not happy here, why don’t you go live somewhere else? Because guess what, this is still a free country and that means you can actually choose where to live!

The United States of America is not perfect, and never will be. That’s a tall order that can’t be filled. If that’s what you expect, you will be disappointed. But if we continue striving to improve and truly make this a land of opportunity for all, where people are treated fairly and kindly, and if you work hard to better yourself, your loved ones and your community, then I would say we are making progress. The positives of our nation far outweigh the negatives!

I have heard more positive comments about the beautiful hanging baskets on the bridge this year than ever before and the credit goes to those that made this happen. As the flowers continue growing, the baskets just seem to get more colorful. With the American flags mixed in, it is a truly wonderful sight. Thank you to everyone that put in the time, effort and monies to do this for our community. The baskets are also around town and in Roscoe Village too. You can’t miss ‘em!

It’s great to see things opening back up and events popping up that were canceled last year. Next up on the list is the “rough truck” at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds – coming on Saturday, July 17. This is always a wildly popular event here in Coshocton County.

What’s this? The Reds have moved into second place behind the Brewers, who just lost for the first time in about two weeks. Pirates’ fans, wait until next year, I think. The Tribe needs to get moving or Cleveland fans could be saying the same thing. Typically, the Indians are a second half team – at least in the past several years, so we will see.

I lost my beloved Uncle Paul (Doughty) this week. I spent many a summer day with my cousins running around their farm and Aunt Janet and Uncle Paul always made me feel welcome and a part of their family. Uncle Paul let me drive his John Deere (there was no other color than the yellow and green for Paul) riding mower around – and this little boy could not have been prouder. Thanks Uncle Paul for the many memories and your support over the years.

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