Webb stays in Coshocton to be close to family

| June 22, 2018

COSHOCTON – Ever since Kennedy Webb was involved in public speaking with the Millfork Valley 4-H Club when she was 9 years old, she has been passionate about public speaking. When she got older, Webb found she also had a passion for political science and was able to combine the two into a successful career. When she was 18 years old, after graduating from River View High School that summer, Webb got a job at WTNS Radio and started in October 2015.

“Whenever that news position opened up, I thought there’s no way they’re going to hire an 18-year-old,” she said. “But they did and I was shocked. I want to specially thank Tom [Thompson], Ken [Smailes] and Bruce [Wallace] for letting an 18-year-old do this. I’m glad they did and it’s a lot of fun.”

Webb’s relationship with WTNS started when she was a cheerleader at River View and would text the basketball scores to Tom Thompson during halftime and at the end of each game.

Webb is currently pursuing a degree in communications at Ohio University in Zanesville and will graduate in December.

“Instead of going far away to college, I wanted to stay close to this community and my family,” she said. “It’s a great community and a great place to gain experience. There’s so much support in this community for college students, and it’s such a close-knit community.”

Webb was born and raised in Coshocton, her family having lived here for many years. When she was younger, Webb’s parents encouraged her to be actively involved in her community. In addition to her 4-H club, she was also involved with the Footlight Players, Coshocton Canal Days, Memorial Day parades, countless Vacation Bible School programs, Calvary Baptist Church, NewPointe Church, and Coshocton Youth Leadership.

“You will not find a community that gives better support,” she said. “If someone is going through a tough time, people rally together whether they know that person or not. Typically, you will not meet an unfriendly face in Coshocton.”

She said that although at times it was exhausting, Webb enjoyed being involved in various community activities.

“My mom and dad believed that if you get kids involved in something, it will have a positive impact and that those values are going to stay instilled throughout their lives,” she said. “I enjoyed just about every second of everything I was involved in. There is no way I would have the confidence to do what I’m doing now if it hadn’t been for being involved in so many things.”

Webb is still involved in a lot of activities in the community. In addition to working at WTNS, she is also a waitress at the restaurant in Buehler’s and teaches third through fifth grade Sunday School at NewPointe Community Church.

“Both of my parents and grandfather, all three of them were really hard workers,” she said. “Watching my dad and my grandpa, they didn’t give up on anything. Even if they were sick, they went to work. My mom being a teacher instilled in me a great love of children. She instilled in me to get involved with people to make a difference.”

Webb isn’t sure what she wants to do after graduation, but she wants to stay in broadcast and stay close to the area.

“I’m interested in looking at the media and how it affects people and how much power it wields over people,” she said. “Getting to report the correct information and not a skewed viewpoint. I am a people person and I love the interaction aspect. I love talking to people and meeting new people. I love bringing the news to people and giving them an overall view and what’s really going on.”

In her spare time, Webb enjoys spending time with her two young nephews.

“I am hopeful that one day, I will have children and they too can experience the many benefits from belonging to a small-town community full of successful and big-hearted individuals.”

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