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Writer donates book proceeds to Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum

| December 9, 2020

Scott Butler, Ph. D., a 1972 graduate of Coshocton and former Coshocton resident, has written numerous books about Coshocton’s history. His most recent work, “Frontier History of Coshocton,” is the culmination of six years of research and the book that ties all of his other historical books together.

Butler began his in-depth study of Coshocton’s history in 2014. For this Harvard grad, he had many unanswered questions about the area he grew up in. There was contradictory information regarding people, places and events that occurred in Coshocton, such as when Coshocton was established and what Coshocton’s definition really is. It became a passion of Butler’s to set the record straight about his beloved hometown.

“Frontier History of Coshocton” details what has happened in Coshoctonia over the past 16,000 years and how all of the events occurred. Butler stated in his epilogue that it is his hope that reading the book will give the reader “the opportunity to see Coshocton through the eyes of its earliest residents and visitors and to appreciate that Coshoctonia is an important place and matters in the history and values of the people of the world.”

Butler dedicated his book to the people of Coshocton that they might know the truth of their “grand place in the world.” “I think it’s important for residents to know there have been three Coshoctons. The first was Wyandot Town, established in 1750. The second, Delaware town, in 1775, and modern Coshocton, which was established in 1811,” Butler said in his interview.

Another important fact Butler would like Coshoctonians to know is in reference to Mary Harris. “She was an important figure for Coshocton. She was a captive, and she was 55 years old when she was in Coshocton. She had an interesting outlook on things and was very different than all the white woman nonsense that has been talked about for decades,” Butler said.

Butler warns that while Frontier History of Coshocton is a book about history, “it won’t read like a history book but more like a narrative of the people and their lives.”

Butler noted that the historical records for Coshocton are spectacular. He explained how most of his research comes from reading others’ research. “I haven’t been able to travel much recently so I find references or original books mostly on Amazon and buy them. I have my own library now. You can also do some research online through scholarly sources” Butler said.

“I have gone to many museums all over the world and Coshocton’s museum is one I consider higher ranked. They are a grand institution, and they are doing a great job. They also help me by allowing me to do talks and get the word out to locals about Coshocton’s history,” Butler said about the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum.

Reba Kocher, collections manager for the museum said about Butler, “he’s just a really generous person. This is where he grew up and Coshocton’s history is what he chooses to study. He donates all of his books and proceeds to the museum. And, in our gift shop we have an entire section of just his books.”

Butler clarified, he writes the books, donates a certain number of books to the museum, and then donates the proceeds to the museum as well. As the books sell, Butler then donates more books, and the cycle continues. Butler has also donated copies of each of his books to the Coshocton Public Library because he values educating the residents of Coshocton.

Copies of “Frontier History of Coshocton” and other books of Coshocton’s history written by Scott E. Butler, Ph. D. can be purchased by visiting the museum’s website at [email protected]. or by contacting the Johnson-Humrickhouse museum.

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