Youth enjoy competing in dairy show

| October 1, 2019

COSHOCTON – The dairy show began early Monday, Sept. 30 at the Coshocton County Fair. Competitors rushed around to be sure their animal was clean and ready to impress the judge.

This was Taryn Tumblin’s fourth year in the dairy show. “I have to wash, shave and brush my cow before the show and then change into our white clothes.” All youth wore green t-shirts and white pants for the dairy show. “We just go nice and easy when we walk around. We go slow. Cows are really nice.” She said she practices leading her cow as much as she can.

Shiloh Kindell, 10, was competing in the dairy show for the second time. “Getting them ready to show is hard work, but it’s fun.” She said she likes showing so she can see how she and her animal do. “It’s hard to walk backwards and then make sure the cow is posed for the judge. Once they are ready, we have to hold on and don’t let them move.” She said if the cow does move, she walks in a circle and poses her again.

Ashlyn Tumblin was also showing for the fourth time. “I like to wash my cow – it’s fun, except when she gets dirty again right before the show.” She said if that happens, she rewashes that spot or just wipes the dirt off because it takes a long time for cows to dry and she doesn’t want a wet animal for the show. “I like walking my cow around the ring. Sometimes, it’s hard to pose her because she might step toward me. So we go in a circle or I step forward just a little.”

All three girls said they watch the judge and always try to keep their cows head up while in the show ring. “The judge likes to see their heads up,” said Ashlyn. They also have to answer questions from the judge about their animals.

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