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Youth leadership class learns about Coshocton County history

| November 3, 2020

On Wednesday, Oct. 21, The Coshocton County Youth Leadership (CCYL) class of 2021 and the adult leadership class of 2021, as well as our leader Betsy Gosnell, took a tour of Roscoe Village and learned all about Coshocton County.

The goal of this program day was for us members to learn about the history of Coshocton County, as well as what all is happening now. We began our day at the Lock Landing in Roscoe Village. The youth class got to meet the adult class and compare our leadership styles. We then split into groups and our day began. One stop on our tour was the Johnson-Humrickhouse Museum where Jennifer Bush and Vicki Walters gave us a tour of the building. We then went and played “Jeopardy about Coshocton County” with Ken Smailes. My class and I, as well as the adults, realized we didn’t know much about our county. Ken Smailes explained every question to us in detail and really informed us about the county.

Another stop on our tour was at the Roscoe Village Visitor Center where Scott Frank showed us the movie in the visitor’s center about the history of Roscoe Village and the canal. He then took us to the blacksmith shop where we talked to the blacksmith and watched him make a coat hook.  After the blacksmith shop we then went to the printing and broom shop where the Roscoe Village volunteers talked to us and showed us a video. We also had a stop in the Lock Landing where we watched a video where we got a virtual tour of the county while Ken Smailes informed us about the landmarks, signs, events, and so much more about Coshocton County. After we rotated around all the stops we went back to the Lock Landing and had a wonderful lunch by Medbery Market. After lunch Tom and Peggy Roahrig who run the canal boat came and Tom talked to us about the canal and its structure, purpose, history, other canals around the world, and also about the horses and the boat.

Both the youth and adult class had a wonderful day and learned so much about the history of our county. Thank you to all the Roscoe Village volunteers, Scott Frank, Tom and Peggy Roahrig, Jennifer Bush, Vicki Walters, Ken Smailes, and our leader Betsy Gosnell for everything they did to make it such a fun, informational day. If you have any questions concerning Coshocton County Youth Leadership or what to know more, contact the Executive Director Betsy Gosnell by phone at 740-622-0010 or email her at [email protected].

This column was written by youth leadership class member Britton McCoy.

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