I guess we are still observing things after all?

| October 15, 2020

Town seemed a bit quieter as I made the left turn onto Main Street on Monday morning. Then I remembered – this is Columbus Day – Monday, Oct. 12. Gee, I thought that this may have went away with the dodo bird, statues, monuments, team names, and on and on. You get the idea. So, is this “movement” one of convenience, jumping on the latest political bandwagon or something else entirely? I think we are moving closer to living in a world where you just don’t quite know where people really stand – everyone is SO “in the moment” without really giving any serious thought to what bandwagon they are currently riding on. Here’s a suggestion – be careful when you don’t have your own thoughts – or, don’t want to think for yourself.

Some of those bandwagons might be headed over the nearest cliff.

Could it be possible? I mean really, could it actually be attainable? I am referring to the Cleveland Browns football team – off to their best start since 1994 – with 12,000 fans in the stadium (I don’t understand how football teams can have fans, but the Indians could not?) that made a fair amount of noise as I watched a couple quarters of the game. The Browns just may have what they need on offense. The defense needs some work and as we all know, defense wins championships. The upcoming game against the Steelers will tells us a lot about the Browns potential going forward.

It’s harvest time in Coshocton County and beyond. Time for farmers to get in the combine or on the tractor and gather in another season of crops. Corn and soybeans flourish in our region but of course they are always dependent on the weather. Sunshine and rain need to happen at the right time in the right amounts for a successful crop. It’s a great time of year to live in Coshocton County as the leaves are changing (many are peaking or close to it), the nights become cooler and we head towards another winter. That’s the part I’m not looking forward to whatsoever. I doubt that many are.

Let’s talk about the high school football playoffs – the Coshocton Redskins whomped on their first opponent and take on Gahanna Columbus Academy on Saturday, Oct. 17 while the Generals earned the second seed with a first-round bye and take on the boys from typically tough Oak Hill on Saturday night, Oct. 17.  In a high scoring matchup, the Bears played hard but came up short against Sparta Highland last Saturday night in a Division IV contest.

Who else likes the high school football playoff since every team gets to participate? I think that this is a fairer way to compete – some teams may do better early in the season while others may take some time to “get going.” Regardless, this format gives every team the opportunity to make the playoffs – obviously there is a lot to consider – the football season can’t extend into basketball and other winter sports yet should not start before the school year. Buckeyes start on Oct. 24. High noon in Columbus against Nebraska. The final regular season game is against TTUN on Saturday, Dec. 12.

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