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Legal Notice

| January 31, 2017

The Village of West Lafayette’s Burt Park policy is to allow those reserving a park facility to reserve it for the next year providing notice is provided to the village before the end of the day of use. However, we have found that there is no Burt Park Use and Release form on file or it is several years old. In an effort to ensure that the village has a current Burt Park Use and Release on file, we will require the following. Those having a reservation for a Burt Park facility in 2017 must complete a new Burt Park Use and Release Form before February 20, 2017. The release form is available in the village office or by going to the village web page events tab and downloading the form. The form must be submitted to the village office no later than February 20, 2017. Current reservations will be held until February 20, 2017. Failure to timely submit the form will result in the loss of the reservation.

Stephen R. Bordenkircher, Mayor

Village of West Lafayette, Ohio

CCB: Feb 1’17


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