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4-H Tasting Smorgasbord a treat for the taste buds

| October 3, 2017

Madison Hammond and Dannan Stewart, who are both members of the Keene Kountry Kids 4-H Club, cooked up two delicious treats for the 4-H Tasting Smorgasbord held Monday, Oct. 2, at the Coshocton County Fair. Jen Jones | Beacon

COSHOCTON – On Monday, Oct. 2, the 4-H building at the Coshocton County Fairgrounds was full of delicious odors and young, budding chefs who were eager to talk about the food they had made for the Tasting Smorgasbord.

Each year, the public is invited to try samples from each competitor. Dishes included appetizers, main dishes, breads, snacks and desserts. Before the public could grab a plate to fill up, several judges tasted the food and decided who created the best tasting treats.

Keene Kountry Kids was well-represented at the event. Madison Hammond decided to bring her spicy cheeseburger soup because her project for 4-H this year was Let’s Start Cooking and it sounded like a good time. She said, “I made this soup because it’s really, really good. My mom and grandma helped me some.”  Dannan Stewart brought cornbread/sausage bites. Stewart said, “I like to cook. It’s fun. I made these because I think they are good.” She did most of the work by herself.

The event was a family affair for the Richard family. Josey baked pumpkin cookies. “These are my top favorite cookie, ever, and are easy to make. They taste great!” Bodey brought Fritos snack mix. “I made it and thought it was the best snack mix I ever had and I thought everyone might like it.” Bodey participated in the Tasting Smorgasbord as a Cloverbud and said he “fell in love with it. I love giving people food.” Taylor brought cookie dough bits and said his sister helped make them.

Avery Stewart is a Cloverbud with Keene Kountry Kids. She brought chocolate chip cookie dough bits. This was her first time participating and she decided to do it because it sounded like a good idea. Another Cloverbud joining the fun was Ava Walsh. She is with This N That 4 H Club. Her mom helped her make salted caramel apple cookies because she thought everyone would think they were good.

Layton Massie and Conner Webster are from Magic Makers 4-H Club. Webster made pumpkin pie bars because “its fall and pumpkin is everywhere.” He said he did all the work, but his mom did help him get the bars from the oven. Webster has been participating in the smorgasbord for four years. Massie made cherry cheese cake bites. “My mom helped me whip some of the stuff together and showed me how to fill the cups. I like making things.”

Maeve Gentile chose a recipe that was non-dairy, because she is on a special diet and wanted something she could eat. She made a lazy cookie because she loves cookies. This was Emily Fechuch’s first year participating in the event. She had a little help from her mom with her triple layer brownies. “I thought it would be fun to do this because I like to cook and bake.”

Britton McCloy chose to make an oreo butterscotch ice cream dessert because it is a family favorite and it’s easy to make. She said her mom and grandma helped her with the dessert and this is her fourth time participating in the smorgasbord.  Marissa Moore is a member of the Active Achievers 4-H Club and she made cinnamon swirl bread. She chose to make this because she really likes to make it.  “I like to cook and bake.”

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