Broken Arrow Woodworking features unique hand crafted items

| March 5, 2019

Justin Lapp owns Broken Arrow Woodworking which is known for its state of Ohio shaped cutting boards. Pictured holding one of the cutting boards is Justin’s 6-year-old son Jacoby who helps design the product. Contributed | Beacon

COOPERDALE – Several years ago, Denise Lapp needed a gift for a baby shower.  Her husband, Justin, decided they could make something special for the baby and he designed a rocking tractor for the baby. He had no plans for it – just a picture in his head. Soon after, Broken Arrow Woodworking became a reality.

The shop is located in Cooperdale and the Lapps, along with their 6-year- old son, Jacoby, spend many evenings and weekends working on different items. “I lose track of time when I am working on something in the shop,” said Justin. “I didn’t grow up doing woodworking. It is a hobby that turned into a business and I’m hoping, eventually, for it to be a full time job.” Currently, Justin works for the county engineer’s office and Denise teaches kindergarten at Keene Elementary School.

Broken Arrow currently has many items at the newly relocated Rust Décor. “One thing people really like that we make is an Ohio shaped cutting board. We buy exotic woods that are different colors and the wood is soaked so it is safe for food,” said Justin. “Jacoby really likes helping with those. He designs them – chooses the colors of wood and how to lay it out. People are really surprised to learn that. He likes helping.”

Justin has designed tables, hope chests and upright cabinets for clients. “People bring me a picture of what they want and I figure out how to make it. I don’t really like using plans – they are so exact. I like to figure it out for myself. It’s more fun and a challenge that way. As long as it turns out like I’ve pictured, I’m happy.”

His goal for the next year is to have time to design and build a farmhouse table set.  “I think people coming into Rust Décor would really like that and I think it would be fun to build.” Justin and Denise recently attended the opening of the new store and had fun meeting people and answering questions about their products.

Another popular item they sell is Ohio shaped wall art. It’s the same design as the cutting boards, but the art is lacquered so it is very shiny and easy to clean.  Benches for children, message boards and end tables are also items that can be found at Rust Décor. Justin said finding time to keep enough products at the store, finish the side projects he has, work full time and have family time is keeping life interesting right now.

“I see all kinds of projects I want to make,” he said. “The list is endless. I just run out of time. Basically, I want to build the business to be self-sufficient and to keep it local and small. I try to buy all of my supplies locally.”

To see finished projects, you can visit the shop’s Facebook or Instagram pages.  For more information on having a project created, call 740-294-0723.

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