CCS students make living wax history museum

| May 19, 2014

COSHOCTON – Lauryn Hooper isn’t very girly and her history project taught her that Joan of Arc wasn’t either.

“I’m more of a tomboy and so was she,” said the fifth grader at Coshocton Christian School.

Hannah Lanz had her fourth, fifth and sixth grade history students dress up as historical figures and portray them in what she called a living wax museum. The students dressed in costume, made backgrounds and stood perfectly still until parents or other students came to their station to hear about their character.

“I’m pretty impressed,” Lanz said. “The backgrounds weren’t even originally a part of the project. Some of the kids asked if they could do that and then they all ended up with them. A lot of them also already had their costume pieces or knew someone who did. It was pretty fun watching it come together.”

Those touring the “museum” also learned about Amy Carmichael from fifth grader Alexis Diaz, Lady Shubad from Jolynn Diaz, who is the sixth grade and many other figures from American history and ancient world civilizations.

“I am Richard I of England or Richard the Lionheart,” said Orion Samuell, who is in fifth grade. “He was one of the only kings or knights mentioned in our history book that I liked. He also conquered Cypress in the Crusades.”

Lanz is glad she tried the project with the students.

“It sounded like fun and these kids are really into telling stories so it seemed to fit with their personalities,” she said. “They had to choose someone they could find in their history books so it also was kind of a review for them.”

Lanz hopes to do this project again next year since it went over so well with the students.

“I really liked this,” Hooper said. “It was fun to do research for.”

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